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The Fraternity Experiences Unprecedented Growth of Members and Chapters

In 2008, the Fraternity conducted a search for a new Fraternity President and CEO and selected Owen McCulloch, Oregon State '86. Brother McCulloch served as a chapter consultant for Alpha Sigma Phi, and subsequently worked in increasing positions of managerial responsibility with another non-profit organization. His work at Carmel, Indiana required relocation of his home and family, which proved difficult in the economic conditions and housing market of the time. The ongoing relocation difficulty led McCulloch to leave the President and CEO position. Prior President and CEO Thomas Hinkley, Gamma Chi '84, agreed to serve as interim President and CEO, in addition to his regular professional activities, while a new executive search was conducted by the Grand Council.

The 2009 search drew a strong candidate pool of members and non-members of the Fraternity from which Gordy Heminger, Bowling Green '96, then a student affairs officer at Bowling Green State University, was selected. Brother Heminger proposed to bring a stronger expansion program to the Fraternity, and move it beyond the range of 50 to 64 active chapters in which it had been operating for over 50 years.

After his selection as President and CEO, Brother Heminger successfully implemented the paradigm change. Within a year, Alpha Sigma Phi surpassed membership recruitment records that had stood since the 1960's. In his second year, with Brother Heminger spearheading the leadership of the Fraternity, it surpassed the prior record number of active undergraduate chapters and colonies and broke all-time records in recruitment and initiation of new members. Coincidentally, the Fraternity was able during this period to broaden alumni involvement in advising, establish the Ritual Education Team, pay off existing debts, reduce the cost of undergraduate insurance, freeze member fees, build a significant reserve fund to be treated as an operating endowment, significantly renovate the Headquarters to accommodate the growing staff and preserve our historical materials, increase support of undergraduate chapters and colonies, have record attendance at leadership programs including reviving the National Leadership Conference and creating Better Man Weekend so that H-officers received training, creating new philanthropic partnerships that are centered on our Values, and continue to reduce the ratio of accounts receivable from chapters and undergraduates to amounts collected. 

At the end of the 2014-2015 academic year, the Fraternity had 126 active chapters and colonies, far more than at any time in its existence and nearly double the number from when Brother Heminger started. The Fraternity experienced six consecutive years of record membership growth and having more than 2,500 new members join in the 2014-2015 academic year alone. More than 900 undergraduates attended Academy of Leadership and Better Man Weekend in St. Louis, and a record number of undergraduates registered to attend the 2015 Elevate: International Leadership Conference. 

Fast forward two years, and the Fraternity had 161 active chapters and provisional chapters at the end of the 2017-2018 academic year. By the summer of 2018, over 55,000 alumni and more than 6,400 undergraduate men were part of the Mystic Circle. In July of 2018, the Fraternity hosted the 55th Grand Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi in Indianapolis, Indiana, where over 1,100 alumni and undergraduate brothers attended. This new chapter is still being written, but most agree that great promise lies ahead.

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