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Your Generosity Deserves Recognition and Inspires Others

Every dollar you give annually qualifies you for recognition in one of our Giving Societies. That's not only to recognize and thank you for your gift, but it encourages and motivates others to give as well.

The giving period is January 1 to December 31. Recognition will occur online and in The Tomahawk Magazine.

This club is named in honor of the Fraternity's Grand Senior President, the highest ranking volunteer within the entire Fraternity. Holding this distinction indicates that you valued your undergraduate experience, believe it can make good men better men, and want to see future generations of Alpha Sigs receive the experience you had during your time in college.

This club celebrates our heritage and reminds us that we are all connected to one another. The club honors our three founders Louis Manigault, Stephen Ormsby Rhea, and Horace Spangler Weiser but also honors the men since Louis, Stephen, and Horace who have started new chapters of Alpha Sigma Phi at colleges and universities around the United States. It is because of these men that the Fraternity thrives today.

CARDINAL AND STONE SOCIETY - $20 - $172.99 (Undergraduate Club)
On December 6th three undergraduates started something that would change the lives of thousands of men. Your modest gift of $20 signifies to others that you understand, had it not been for the men who gave to our Fraternity in the past, your opportunity to join in the future may have never come. This distinction demonstrates your lifelong commitment to the Fraternity.

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