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April 2013

Delta Chapter Again Active on Campus

They are becoming more common place in our organization, but like all of its predecessors this one was special. On Saturday April 6, in a large room on the second floor of Andrews Hall, 30 undergraduate men, their significant others, family members, and alumni waited with anticipation as the event's emcee Joseph Unger, Marietta '12 approached the podium. Welcome to a momentous celebration as we continue the history of the Delta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity at Marietta CollegeĀ and with those remarks the Marietta Colony was an hour away from officially being recognized as an active chapter on campus again after a 20 year hiatus.

Alpha Sigma Phi had a continuous presence on the Marietta campus from 1860 until its closure in 1993. When we think of Headquarters today we think of the building and staff in Carmel, Indiana, but from 1865 through 1919 until the first Fraternity's Executive Secretary was hired, Marietta and its membership acted as the Fraternity's Headquarters issuing badges and reviewing requests to charter. The Marietta Chapter has given the Fraternity many of the public ceremonies in use today; the Senior Service, the Milestone Service, and the Memorial Service to name a few.

With our renewed focus on expansion and growth, returning to campuses we once called home is an important part of our strategy. Just a few years ago, there were far more inactive chapters than active chapters. Today the reverse is true. Being a part of this ceremony and being able to officially install the Delta Chapter means a lot to me and so many members who have wanted to see this historic chapter return to campus, said Fraternity President and CEO Gordy Heminger, Bowling Green '96.

Following Brother Unger's opening remarks, former Colony President Tom Fulton, Marietta 12 delivered a Brotherhood Address that focused on their collective effort. Jason Humphrey, Marietta 12 then delivered the Invocation. As his remarks ended and dinner began, anticipation grew for the presentation of the charter.

Following dinner, Foundation Staff member Steve Latour, Central Michigan '04 took to the podium for a special presentation. Last summer, the Delta Alumni Association in coordination with the Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation established a chapter endowment that to date has surpassed $18,000 in donations. To acknowledge the new endowment and the efforts of its undergraduates the Foundation awarded undergraduates Tom Fulton, Matt Johnson, Marietta '12, and Jon Monnig, Marietta '12, each with a $250.00 award.

Following the check presentation, Delta Grand Chapter Advisor Stacy Evans, Marietta '66 gave remarks and recognized the Marietta Administration for their assistance.

This is a celebration for those who have dreamed of this day... Today is a dream fulfilled for hundreds of Delta brothers from the 1930s through the 1990s - Stacy Evans

Stacy then asked Delta Alumni Association President Dean Haine, Marietta '59 to speak. Dean thanked the support of the national staff and the support of the alumni who came together in 2008 for a reunion and together worked to help this re-chartering become a reality. Following the presentation of the chapter's insignia by Coordinator of Chapter and Colony Development Jeremy Ried, Elmhurst '07, Gordy Heminger was introduced as the evening's keynote speaker. Following his remarks about the return of Delta to the chapter roll, Gordy then invited members of the Prudential Board and the GCA to come forward to help him unveil the charter, making it official and again making the fourth chapter in our Fraternity active.

What I now have is a group of brothers that have each others back and want to become better men . That is what we have created here at Marietta College and hope to maintain for many more years, commented Jon Monnig.

Pi Chapter Re-Chartered at 5,430 feet Above Sea-level

38 miles northwest of Denver, the Fraternity now calls the University of Colorado at Boulder an active chapter again. Within the same the weekend, the Fraternity re-installed two of its single letter chapters; the aforementioned Delta Chapter at Marietta College on Saturday, April 6 and Pi Chapter on Sunday, April 7 at CU Boulder. Re-Founding Father Austin Cline, Colorado '12, served as the ceremony's emcee. To officially kick things off at the Millennium Harvest House in Boulder, Hudson Lewis, Colorado '12, gave the brotherhood address to more than 30 undergraduate brothers, a few members of the Zeta Epsilon
Chapter from Colorado State, parents, and members of the Pi Chapter Council. He remarked that he never would have guessed that someday he would be a fraternity man let alone a Founding Father.

Following his remarks, Treasurer Patrick Normile, Colorado '12 gave the Invocation before dinner. As the meal came to a close, the Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation called Matt Guldberg, Colorado '12, and Austin Cline to the front of the room and presented them each with a $250 check from the newly established Pi Chapter Endowment. Pi Grand Chapter Advisor George Alexander, Rutgers '67, then thanked members of the Chapter Council and acknowledged the contributions of the parents in helping the men reach this moment. He then introduced Foundation Staff Member Steve Latour, Central Michigan '04, who presented the chapter with their official insignia on behalf of the Fraternity that commemorated the original founding date of February 6, 1915.

Following the presentation, Undergraduate Grand Councilor Josh Pawley, Colorado State '11, delivered keynote remarks. Josh began and ended his address by saying, Results are always in direct proportion to effort. Those who rest in the spring do not reap in the fall, regardless of need and regardless of desire or passion. Results are the reward reserved for those who had the foresight to seize an opportunity. He also noted that it felt great to have another chapter in Colorado and that the friendship between the two always needed to remain strong. He along with the Prudential Board and the GCA unveiled the charter making the return of Pi Chapter as an active member of the CU Boulder campus official. Pi Chapter President Christian Rencken, Colorado '12, whose father flew from California to be at the ceremony, gave the Chapter's first presidential address. The evening ended with Pi Membership Education Director Jared Lucero, Colorado '12, reading the Benediction. Like all new groups the men then gathered for a group photo with thecharter to have their moment recorded for history.

Beta Sigma Re-Chartered

The Fraternity saw another chapter regain its place in the list of Alpha Sigma Phi chapters on Friday April 12 as the Beta Sigma Chapter at the University of Cincinnati received its charter. The Re-Founding Fathers along with family, friends, alumni, and members from nearby Epsilon Pi Chapter at Miami University gathered at the Syndicate in Newport, Kentucky to celebrate the occasion. Grand Councilor Rodney Rusk, Central Michigan '93 and Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, Ryan Bakita, Miami University '06 were on hand to present the chapter with their engraved badges, personalized insignia, and ultimately their charter.

In his Brotherhood Address, Nick DiTullio, Cincinnati '11 stated that he wanted Beta Sigma Chapter and Alpha Sigma Phi at Cincinnati to be synonymous with two words; the best. Beta Sigma Chapter President Nathen Morris, Cincinnati '12 and Grand Chapter Advisor Jeff Owens, Illinois '87 both spoke to the dedication and determination of the members as they slowly moved from colony status to now achieving recognition as a chartered chapter. Brother Owens also remarked on the notion of building better brothersĀ, and challenged the undergraduate members to continue to build each other into the best brothers possible.

Foundation Staff member Steve Latour, Central Michigan '04 attended the banquet and announced that Brother Owens had requested that a Chapter Endowment be started for the Beta Sigma Chapter, and that there had already been significant donations from Beta Sigma alumni. In the same manner as the ceremonies at Marietta and Colorado, he presented $250 scholarships to two of the members based on the recommendation of GCA Owens. In recognition of their consistent, behind the scenes hard work , Kyle Molitor, Cincinnati '11 and Nelson Wong, Cincinnati '11 were each presented with a scholarship. As he delivered the Keynote Address, Brother Rusk noted that the chapter is well-known for their quality of character, their devotion to the values of the Fraternity and their unyielding drive to succeed. He commended the chapter for their accomplishments, but challenged them to set new benchmarks and climb even hire. He closed by stating and as I will be doing at my home Chapter in just two weeks, I hope to be here when you celebrate your 20th Anniversary as a Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. With that, he presented the 44 Re-Founding Fathers of Beta Sigma Chapter with their official charter.

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