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Barton College

 Gamma Lambda Chapter

Barton College
Founded: May 1, 1958
Status: Active
Ideal Chapter Size: 25
                                      Conduct Violations: Finances (2017), Educational Programs Attendance (2017)

Chapter Awards

Most Improved Chapter Award - [1968]

Individual Awards

Evin C. Varner Distinguished Service Award
Rasberry, Dr. Edwin A. '58 [1999]

Delta Beta Xi
Albert, Jones A. '65 [1968]
Bridgers, Benjamin '00 [2019]
Carr, Thomas G. '75 [2016]
Coolbaugh, Whit D. '99 [2014]
Dunn, John W. '59 [1999]
Etheridge, Norman L. '58 [1965]
Faircloth, Lawrence '58 [1969]
Rasberry, Dr. Edwin H., Jr. '58 [1966]
Rawlings, Russell T. '76 [2008]
Sledge, Jerry M. '74 [2002]
Smith, J. Warren '90 [2011]
Stallings, Allen R. '73 [1993]
Tait, Warren R. '58 [1963]

Frank F. Hargear Memorial Award
Smith III, J. Warren '90 [1992]

Chapter History

The college was established in 1902 by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), as Atlantic Christian College, and was renamed Barton College in 1990. Sigma Alpha local fraternity was established in 1925.  When national fraternities were allowed to enter Atlantic Christian College, Sigma Alpha chose to petition Alpha Sigma Phi. After a year of colony status, the chapter was chartered in May 1958. Grand Senior President Charles Akre, Iowa '25, Past Grand Senior President Wilbur H. Cramblet, Yale '12, and Executive Secretary Ralph F. Burns, Ohio Wesleyan '32 installed the chapter. Alpha Sigma Phi was one of the first three national fraternities to enter Atlantic Christian. The chapter's house in the early 1960's was at 109 N. Roundtree Street, Wilson, North Carolina. In 1968 the chapter purchased its present house at 902 W. Gold Street. The house was extensively remodeled during the 1970's. The house accommodates 15 residents.  "Gamma Lambda Gazette" is the chapter newsletter.

The chapter received the Alpha Gamma Upsilon Award in 1968, the Summa Cum Laude Award for 1969-70, and the Tomahawk Award for 1969.  William Rasberry, Jr., Barton '58, served as chapter advisor and Grand Province Chief; he received the Delta Beta Xi Award and the Distinguished Service Award.  J. Warren Smith, III, Barton '90, received the Frank Foli Hargear Award in 1992, served as an Undergraduate Advisor to the Grand Council, and served as a chapter leadership consultant on the Fraternity's staff. Allan Stallings also served as an Undergraduate Advisor to the Grand Council. Steve Hutchins, Gamma Lambda, was president of the Student Government Association in 1987-88. Norman L. Etheridge, Barton '58, J. Ross Albert, Barton '65, Lawrence Faircloth, Barton '59, Allen R. Stallings, Barton '73, Dr. John Dunn, Barton '59, Jerry Sledge, Barton '74, Russell T. Rawlings, Barton, '77, and J. Warren Smith, III, Barton '90 have also received the Delta Beta Xi Award.

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