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Better Man Program

Better Man Program

Chapters and Provisional Chapters

For those in an active chapter/provisional chapter of the Fraternity, the Better Man experience begins with week one and concludes after week six, commonly referred to within the Fraternity as new member education. The Membership Education Director is responsible for executing this program. After a new member completes the six weeks of the program, the new member, now an initiated Brother of the Fraternity, transitions into the Brother Education component.

Brother Education is intended for initiated members in their sophomore and junior years of college. The Brotherhood Retention Director is responsible for executing this program. This program is designed to to be flexible. Chapters/provisional chapters have the ability to set their calendars to include eight brother education opportunities annually. It is recommended that chapters/provisional chapters host four events a semester (approximately one per month).

To ensure that those men participating in the different weeks have the best experience possible and to ensure that the undergraduate officers who support, mentor, and guide them understand their respective role, the Fraternity has developed undergraduate officer resources, which are included on the Fraternity website. Below are the three main resources that are used throughout the Better Man Program:

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