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Capital University

Epsilon Chi Chapter

Capital University
 Founded: September 11, 2010
 Status: Active
 Ideal Chapter Size: 50


President - Patrick Shannon
Vice President - Travis Arnold
Recruitment Director - Collin Cain
Alumni Director - Thomas Kettman
Grand Chapter Advisor - Richard Myers
Alumni Association President - Scott Rarick

Chapter Awards

Alpha Kappa Pi Gold Cup
 Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup
 Capital University Most Creative Service Project Award  2011
 Capital University Organization of the Year 2011
 Capital University Greek Philanthropy of the Year Award 2013
 Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup 2012-2013
 Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup 2013-2014
 Louis Manigault Award for Chapter Operations 2011-2012
 Louis Manigault Award for Leadership Development 2011-2012
 Louis Manigault Risk Management Citation 2009-2010
 Louis Manigault Citation for Campus Involvement 2009-2010
 Louis Manigault Citation for Chapter Operations 2011-2012
 Grand Senior President Citation 2011
 Louis Manigault Citation for Ritual Exemplification 2011-2012
 Louis Manigault Citation for Brotherhood Development 2011-2012
 Louis Manigault Citation for Campus Involvement 2011-2012
 Louis Manigault Citation for Financial Management 2011-2012
 Gary A. Anderson Citation for Membership Education 2011-2012
 Louis Manigault Citation for Leadership Development 2011-2012
 Louis Manigault Citation for Scholastic Achievement 2011-2012
 Louis Manigault Citation for Service and Philanthropy 2011-2012
 Louis Manigault Citation for Recruitment and Growth 2011-2012
 Louis Manigault Citation for Risk Management 2011-2012
 Louis Manigault Citation for Ritual Exemplification 2012-2013

Individual Awards

Otto L. Sonder Grand Chapter Advisor Award - Scott Rarick 2014
 Capital University Emerging Leader Award, Brent Bowers 2010
 Capital University President’s Spirit of Capital Award, Cedric Ware 2014
 Capital University Greek Man of the Year, Martin Nyenty-Arrey 2014



Epsilon Chi Monthly News - March 2015

Epsilon Chi Alumni Association Newsletter - September 2016

Chapter History

Capital University, founded in 1830 by the Lutheran Church and is currently affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), is the oldest university in Central Ohio.

Alpha Sigma Phi expansion efforts at Capital University first began when an interest group was formed on April 27, 2009. On Thursday, October 22, 2009, a new colony was established at Capital University in Bexley, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. The Pledge and Colonization Ceremony took place on the Capital campus. More than twenty men participated in the ceremony. The event was attended by undergraduate men from the Epsilon Theta Chapter at Otterbein College and several alumni who live in the Columbus area.

Brent Bowers, Epsilon Chi '10 and Scott Rarick, Capital '10 were elected Student Government President and Vice President thanks to their connections on campus and their use of social media during the 2011-12 academic year.  According to Bowers, this was the closest election in recent history at Capital University mainly due to the use of social media to drive students to the ballot box.

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