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Chartering Benchmarks


Path to Becoming a Chapter

To ensure that new chapters continue to thrive once they charter, Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters has established a list of benchmarks that must be met before the group can submit a petition to charter. Typically within 9-18 months after the initial expansion efforts, the provisional chapter completes the Chartering benchmarks. Members are initiated prior to completing the Chartering benchmarks, however.


The Provisional Chapter has at least one brotherhood event per month during the academic year that was substance free and attended by at least 50% of the members. Please provide a description of each (date, event, location) and a picture for each.


The Provisional Chapter has attained the size that was set during the provisional chapter visit and has demonstrated the ability to recruit without Fraternity Staff assistance. 


What is the purpose of the Provisional Chapter? What unites the Provisional Chapter? What does the Provisional Chapter want to be known for on campus, within the Fraternity/Sorority community, and among Alpha Sigma Phi? Please provide thorough documentation to show that the Provisional Chapter is working towards this.



All men in the Provisional Chapter are paid in full or on an approved payment plan. 

The Provisional Chapter utilizes Omega Financial for dues collection. Dues should be relative to the IFC average and must be at a sustainable level. Please include dues amount and collections rate.

The Provisional Chapter should have zero debt and a line-item budget in Omega Financial, including costs for the Chartering Ceremony.


What are your member expectations and how do you communicate those? 

The Provisional Chapter has a trained and fully functioning Standards Board. Please provide a charge letter demonstrating a time when the Standards Board held a member accountable. 


The Provisional Chapter GPA meets or exceeds the IFC average in the semester prior to chartering.

Please provide both individual grades and an official community grade report. 


Institutional Relationship

The Provisional Chapter attends IFC/Greek Council meetings and receives a positive written recommendation from the campus Fraternity/Sorority Advisor. 

Grand Chapter Advisor Relationship

Please provide a letter of recommendation from the Grand Chapter Advisor, detailing his interactions with the Provisional Chapter and support for chartering. 

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