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Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee shall review nominations for election to the Grand Council, the needs of the Grand Council and recommend to the Grand Chapter candidates for election to vacancies on the Grand Council.  The nominations committee shall consist of the Immediate Past Grand Senior President, or if the Immediate Past Grand Senior President is unable or unwilling to assume such duties, the most recent Past Grand Senior President willing to act; a former member of the Grand Council approved by the Grand Council; the three Undergraduate Grand Councilors (senior most shall serve as Chairman); two members of the Alumni Board of Advisors, selected by the Board of Advisors; and four members of the Undergraduate Advisory Board, selected by the Advisory Board.

Grand Council Liaison: Rich Ritter, Toledo '91 and Kevin Garvey, Westminster '75

Staff Liaison: Gordy Heminger, Bowling Green '96 

Committee Chair: Sam Harris, Wayne State '12

Committee Vice Chair: David Scarberry, Toledo '13

Undergraduate Committee Members: Mike Campbell, Bowling Green '13, Will Geiselhart, Illinois '13, Austin Hanna, UNC-Asheville '14, Tylre Lazarus, WV Wesleyan '14, and Jesse Olmstead, UNC-Charlotte '14. 

Alumni Committee Members: Steve Latour, Central Michigan '04 and Dan Braun, Toledo '58.

Committee Timeline

  • Conclusion of 1st Meeting – Determine dates/times for phone interviews
  • April 18-29 – Phone Interviews Conducted
  • April 30 – Phone Interviews Completed
  • May 14 – Grand Council Finalists Determined
  • Wednesday, July 27 – Nominations Committee Arrives to Norfolk, VA
  • Thursday, July 28 – Face-to-Face Interviews for Finalists
  • Friday, July 29 – Slate Proposed to Grand Chapter

Committee Logistics

  • All phone and face-to-face interviews will be scheduled by CEO Heminger at times agreed upon by the committee.
  • All interview times will be in Eastern Standard Time (EST).
  • At minimum each phone interview should have six (6) members of the committee present.
  • Phone Interviews will be led by the Committee Chairman (or Vice Chairman in the Chairman’s absence). All committee members present will be given the opportunity to ask the predetermined questions of the candidate.
  • Following phone interviews committee members present for the interview shall submit their grading rubric to the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Advisers for review.
  • Following the conclusion of all phone interviews the committee shall determine a pool of candidates who will be interviewed at Grand Chapter.

Committee Expectations

  • All committee members must review and be familiar with the following: Policy Governance Overview, Grand Council Policy Manual and the 2020 Strategic Plan.
  • All committee members must be able to arrive at Grand Chapter on Wednesday, July 27 in order to participate in all face-to-face interviews on Thursday, July 28. A committee member who is unable to fulfill this duty must notify the chairman and President immediately.
  • All committee members must make an honest effort to participate in all committee meetings and a majority, if not all, phone interviews. Engaged committee members will ensure that the highest caliber of candidates are selected for the Grand Council.
  • All committee members must understand that the phone interviews, their outcome and ultimate selection of the slate to be proposed at Grand Chapter shall remain the sole business of the committee until presented at Grand Chapter on Friday, July 31.

The following brothers have applied to serve on the Grand Council:

Aaron Bullock, Wake Forest '09
Raymond Cousins, Marshall '11
Andrew Davis, UNC-Charlotte '04
Scott Gallagher, Ohio Wesleyan '93
Jeffrey Hoffman, Member-At-Large '76
Charles McNeill, Jr., Salem State '11 
Josh Orendi, Bethany '96
Jeffrey Reyes, Penn State '08
Rodney Rusk, Central Michigan '93
Josh Russell, Murray State '01
Mike Waters, Oregon State '73 
Neal Wegener, Toledo '09
David Yonenson, Maryland '99
Michael Young, Murray State '94 
Jason Zavaleta, SF State '11

Credentials, Resolutions, and Law Committee

The Credentials, Resolutions, and Law Committee shall review and make recommendation to the Grand Chapter on resolving any dispute as to credentials of delegates, shall review proposed resolutions to ensure that proposed policy does not conflict with the Constitution, Bylaws or policy statements of the Fraternity, and to assist other committees or members compose and present resolutions on the floor of the Grand Chapter.

Grand Council Liaison: Mike Waters, Oregon State '73 and Bob Kutz, UC - Berkeley '67

Staff Liaison: Danny Miller, Headquarters Staff

Committee Chairman: Kristopher Koko, Lawrence Tech '13

Committee Vice-Chairman: TBD from Committee Member List

Committee Members: Evan Van Orman, Baldwin Wallace '13; Gareth Smith, Augusta '14; Lukas Cervenak, Carnegie Mellon '14; David Rakecky, Eastern Michigan '14; Erik Maranto, Elmhurst '13; John Cook, Morehead State '15; Austin Minnick, Ohio Wesleyan '14; Alex Lopez, Penn State '15; Jared Marvel, Massachusetts '14; Tyler Mays, Wright State '15; Jacob Peinado, Sonoma State '13; and Klaus Miller, Toledo '14.

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