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Congressional Issues

Congressional Issues

Many members of our organization and other fraternities and sororities would like to donate money to improve chapter facilities that house our members. There's only one problem: such contributions are not tax-deductible under current federal tax law.

Right now, contributions to our educational and philanthropic initiatives are tax deductible within IRS limits. So are contributions to capital projects for colleges, universities, and other nonprofit organizations. But the way the current tax code is written, you can not deduct contributions for fraternity and sorority housing projects even those that make our houses safer or more accessible (i.e. sprinkler system or fire escapes). The only exceptions are certain homes owned by universities and leased to Greek organizations.

For more than a decade, fraternities and sororities, including Alpha Sigma Phi have worked together to explain this need, disparity, and charitable gift opportunity to members of Congress. But so far, those advocacy efforts have not been successful.

The legislation we need passed is called the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA). If you would like to help advocate its passage by informing your Senator or Representative about the issue, please visit Capital Fraternal Caucus to learn more about the efforts of Alpha Sigma Phi and other national fraternity and sorority organizations.

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