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Submit Your News to the Fraternity

Alpha Sigma Phi encourages members to submit their stories, news, or content ideas, to The Tomahawk.  Please send text via email to, fax or the U.S. mail, digital images via email, and traditional glossy photos by U.S. mail.

Because of the volume of mail received and the space constraints in our magazine, it is possible your material may not be used or that it will appear several issues later than you expect. Every effort is made to include date-sensitive items in a timely manner.


  • Your first and last name, chapter and school, mailing address, telephone, email addresses, and the date.
  • The first and last name(s), chapter, and school of all Brothers in your article and photo caption(s).


  • Traditional, glossy-finished photos from film/35mm camera.
  • Self-scanned and digital-camera images with resolutions of at least 300 ppi (pixels per inch) at a minimum image size of 4 x 6. Digital photographers must use at least a 3.2 megapixel camera with the highest-quality settings selected: The resolution must be set on large, while the compression setting must be set on superfine.  Capturing a picture in a small-resolution setting then increasing the file size in a photo management program does not work. File formats accepted are jpeg (maximum quality), eps, and tif.  Do not reduce the size or initial quality of the image before transmitting it. Note: Even if your photos meet these requirements, they may not be suitable for print production.
  • Prints prepared from your digital files by a professional developer may or may not be suitable.
  • Each must be evaluated individually.


  • Pictures containing hand-held beverage containers of any kind.
  • Pictures showing glassware that may be construed to contain alcoholic beverages.
  • Pictures in which subjects are wearing sunglasses over their eyes or questionable attire.
  • Images produced by desktop or inkjet printers.
  • Images clipped or scanned from magazines or newspapers.
  • Photocopies from a Xerox or Docutech.
  • Tiny pictures clipped from composites or snapshots.

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