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Iota Chapter

Cornell University
Founded: March 27, 1909
Status: Active
Ideal Chapter Size: 60


Chapter Awards

Grand Senior President's Cup - [1994, 1992]
Alpha Kappa Pi Gold Cup - [2016]
Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup - [2015, 2014, 2013]
Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup - [2012, 2011]

Individual Awards

Distinguished Merit Award
Tata, Ratan N. '56 [2008]
Bodman, Samuel W. '57 [2006]

Delta Beta Xi
Boland, Francis J., Jr. '42 [1952]
Boos, J. Kenneth '19 [1939]
Corsini, Glenn J. '73 [1977]
Fisher, Leicester W. 1915 [1938]
Fox, Charles J. 1909 [1982]
Grousset, Richard '95 [2008]
Linsner, Garald '55 [1969]
Minogue, Joseph D. '46 [1957]
Proto, Frank P. '64 [1990]
Starke, Ralph G. '18 [1961]
Toadvine, Stephen P. '19 [1938]
Twentyman, Mark J. '70 [1980]
Wiggins, Dean C. 1917 [1939]
Young, Spencer E. 1911 [1938]
Zeltner, Lorin W. 1915 [1938]

Undergradaute Scholar of the Year
Meise, Ronald G. '03 [2005]
Wittemann, Christopher M. '90 [1992]

Kleinoeder Graduate Scholar of the Year
Lung, Linn M. '05 [2008]
Wasserman, Brian S. '02 [2005]

Chapter History

Cornell University was founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White, Yale 1853. The land grant university was intended to teach and make contributions in all fields of knowledge from the classics to the sciences and from the theoretical to the applied. The petition of ten Cornell University students for a charter was approved on February 13, 1909. 

On March 26, 1909, the ten charter members traveled to New Haven for initiation. One of the candidates, Warner, became separated from the rest and a night long search ensued. Warner was ultimately found in a Yale brother's room awaiting instructions. Iota Chapter was installed on March 27, 1909.

The Chapter's initial quarters were at 408 Stewart Street. This was followed by a house at 636 Stewart. On April 1, 1913, Iota Chapter obtained its house known as Rockledge.

Rockledge, at 804 Stewart Avenue, has served Alpha Sigma Phi at Cornell for over 98 years, longer than any other Alpha Sigma Phi chapter house. It was extensively remodeled in 1926, and renovations have followed periodically since. In 1980, an $80,000.00 remodeling job was carried out.

Iota Chapter had the highest GPA of any fraternity at Cornell University in 2003-2004. Iota Chapter's newsletter is the "Iota Sig".

Nine alumni of Iota Chapter, including Francis Boland, Cornell '42 have served on the Grand Council or Grand Prudential Committee of Alpha Sigma Phi. Andrew D. White, Yale 1853, was President of Cornell University from its opening to 1885, and served as Grand Senior President of Alpha Sigma Phi. Stephen P. Toadvine, Cornell '19, was instrumental in establishing Alpha Sigma Phi chapters at Syracuse University, Davis and Elkins College, and Penn Military College (now Widener University), served on the Grand Council, and as G.C.A. to the Gamma Xi and Omicron Chapters. Nicholas Gordon, Cornell '10, served as an Undergraduate Grand Councilor. In December of 2012, Doug Jones, Cornell '09, joined the Fraternity staff.

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