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Davis & Elkins College

Gamma Delta Provisional Chapter

Davis and Elkins College
Founded: April 12, 1949
Status: Active



Chapter Awards

Grand Senior President's Cup - [1962]

Individual Awards

Delta Beta Xi
Bangham, Joseph F., Jr. '51 [1959]
Christ, William F. '59 [2004]
Graziani, Philip J. '49 [1961]
Morgan, H. Maxwell '52 [1992]

Chapter History

Gamma Delta has been reinstalled as a provisional chapter at Davis and Elkins College in the spring of 2015. 

In the Fall of 1947, Delta Sigma was formed. The group soon petitioned Alpha Sigma Phi and was installed on April 12, 1949. Members of the Beta Delta Chapter conducted the initial initiation. Past Grand Senior President Wilbur H. Cramblet, Yale '12, represented the Grand Council at the installation and Executive Secretary Ralph F. Burns, Ohio Wesleyan '32, presented the charter. Professor Steven Toadvine, Cornell '19, was toastmaster and Professor Stanley White, Yale '23, was the first faculty advisor. During the early years the chapter claimed most of the student association officers of the campus.

The chapter obtained a house at 106 Boundary in November 1952. In 1954 the chapter purchased a house at 430 Randolph. In 1955 a scholarship cup was created by the college to be awarded to the fraternity with the best grade point average and Alpha Sigma Phi won the cup six of the next nine semesters. The chapter won five of six campus intramural football championships from 1960 to 1966. In 1976 a fire badly damaged the chapter house and on-campus housing was made available. In June 1994, after a series of risk management violations, poor academic performance, and mounting debts, the charter of the chapter was withdrawn. The chapter initiated 732 men through March 1992.

The chapter won the Grand Senior President's Award for 1960-1962, Summa Cum Laude Awards for 1969-70 and 1962-63, the Scholastic Improvement Award for 1961-63, and the Tomahawk Award for 1969. The chapter newsletter was "The Sig Circle", and it won the Chapter Newsletter Award for 1958-60.

William Crist, Davis & Elkins '59, served as Trustee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation. Jess Green, Davis & Elkins '53, served on the Fraternity staff. Joseph F. Bangham, Jr., Davis & Elkins '51, Philip J. Graziana, Davis & Elkins '49, Maxwell Morgan, Davis & Elkins '52, and William Crist, Davis & Elkins '59, have received the Delta Beta Xi Award.

The Gamma Delta Chapter was revived in the spring of 2015 when Ty Montemoino-Little, Davis & Elkins '15 contacted alumni and Fraternity Headquarters to re-start the dormant group. Fraternity staff member, Dylan Dunne, Grand Valley '10 conducted a Pledge Ceremony on February 4, 2015 with the help of the men from the Beta Nu Chapter at West Virginia Wesleyan University. Matt Guldberg, Colorado '12 assisted with the Alpha Phase and Pinnacle Week and the Provisional Chapter was initiated on April 26, 2015 in the Halliehurst Mansion on the campus of Davis & Elkins.

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