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Delta Beta Xi Award


The Fraternity's Oldest Alumnus Award

The Delta Beta Xi Award is given for sustained alumni service to the Fraternity, generally over a period of at least ten years. While potential criteria for the award are as varied as our brotherhood, general criteria include years of service, type of service, and significant achievements. To be inducted as part of a class, a brother must receive at least 2/3 of the points possible from the judges (past Delta Beta Xi recipients) and must be in the top ten among all the nominees for that particular year.

In 1938, Frank F. Hargear, UC-Berkeley 1916, proposed establishing an alumni award for outstanding service to the Fraternity in the name of the Alpha Chapter's successor organization, Delta Beta Xi. The Grand Council adopted the suggestion in 1938. One hundred Brothers were selected when the award was created. In each subsequent year, the Grand Council may select up to ten men to receive the Delta Beta Xi Award.

This coveted honor recalls the period from 1864 to 1875 when members of Delta Beta Xi secretly pledged their allegiance to Alpha Sigma Phi. Their courage kept the traditions of the Fraternity alive despite a faculty ban on the organization.

The special key that is presented to each recipient is a replica of the Delta Beta Xi Badge worn by members of Alpha Chapter from 1864-1875. Only award recipients of Delta Beta Xi may wear it. The key is worn on the left lapel of a suit jacket.

Nominations for the Delta Beta Xi Award are due on April 15 each year. Below are the most recent Delta Beta Xi Award recipients. 

2019 Recipients

Benjamin Bridgers, Barton '00
John (Wally) Dant, III, Purdue '82
David J. Howard, Purdue '83
Albert Macias, Missouri Valley '90
Jason Nolen-Doerr, Murray State '05
Sam J. Patel, Rutgers '06
Barry Peters, Lock Haven '89

2018 Recipients

Alex J. Bauer, Purdue '05
Daniel R. Bauer, Rensselaer '94
Denis J. Beaudoin, Ohio Wesleyan '01
Mark S. Bundy, Illinois '77
Joseph E. Dropp, III, Slippery Rock '99
Don E. Goforth, UNC-Charlotte '79
Eric R. Graven, Westminster '75
Arthur B. Keys, Jr., Bethany '64
James W. Lane, Murray State '99
Bryan D. Macer, Indiana '02
Ron C. Merrell, Alabama '64
Wesley R. Owen, Iowa State '87
Joseph M. Ponder, Murray State '00
John D. Ridenour Jr., Salisbury '03
Marcus L. Schreiber, Central Michigan '04

2017 Recipients

Bill R. Doyle, Penn State '77
Benjamin N. Gross, Murray State '97
Brian K. Thomas, California '06
Elwood G. Lassiter, Presbyterian '68
Glen D. Olson, Bowling Green '92  
Mark E. Stone, Trine '73
James A. Vanek, Michigan '98
William B. Weber, Jr., Toledo '76
George R. Whitfield III, Murray State '04

2016 Recipients

John P. Asendorf, Bowling Green '91
Robert D. Braun, Toledo '58
Thomas G. Carr, Barton '75
Brandon R. LaCourciere, Lawrence Tech '04
Steven J. Latour, Central Michigan '04
Ronald E. Graham, Oklahoma '74
Richard X. McKenna, Westminster '81
T. Patrick O'Toole, McDaniel '04
Kyle A. Pederson, Iowa State '01
Richard E. Porter, Illinois '67

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