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Diversity: Enhancing Our Brotherhood

An anti-discrimination policy was unanimously reaffirmed by the 2004 Grand Chapter and accordingly, Alpha Sigma Phi is committed to having chapters that reflect their campus population.

The policy reads:

Alpha Sigma Phi’s Constitution stipulates that no Chapter shall permit discrimination in membership selection, initiation, chapter operations, or other activities of the Fraternity based on any individual’s race, color, creed, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

Alpha Sigma Phi’s core values, as expressed through our ceremonies, constitution and policies, each express the concept of inclusiveness and respect for all persons

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity is an organization based on mutual respect, trust, and honesty where an environment of acceptance and brotherly love exists within the walls of our Fraternity.

The value of such inclusiveness has never been greater given the rich diversity of our campuses and communities. Where inclusiveness is not about diversity for the sake of political correctness, but where inclusiveness is a values-based choice, a decision made because it is the right decision to make based on who we say we are as a brotherhood of men.

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, both at the local and international level, is actively working to promote diversity in our membership and will oppose all acts of harassment and discrimination.

It is the continuing position of our Fraternity that membership privileges are open to any qualified man of character without consideration of ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, international origin, age, family status, or cultural background.

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