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Dylan Nylund



Hometown: Edwardsburg, Michigan

Positions Held: Recruitment Director, Social Director, IFC Representative, Student Government Representative

Major: Health Fitness, Pre-Physical Therapy

Legacy: No

Expected Graduation: 2015


Why I Choose Alpha Sig

After playing a softball game with some of the brothers and alumni, I went back to the house and talked with everyone. After my time with them, I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of this successful fraternity. As an Alpha Sig you truly have a chance to leave a legacy by bettering yourself as a student and a person who lives with the values in your mind every day.

My Tips On Fraternity

Brotherhood: Have Brotherhood Retreats; get away from the school/campus environment and relax together. Take time to be together outside of official chapter events.

Balancing Fraternity, School, Family, etc.: Plan ahead! Make time to complete school work and then your obligations for extracurriculars, fraternity, and work. Co-curriculars always come after school work, so schedule time wisely that way every activity can be enjoyed

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