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Eastern Michigan University

Gamma Upsilon Chapter

Eastern Michigan University
Founded: June 6, 1948; January 8, 2016
Status: Active
Ideal Chapter Size: 45

Chapter Awards

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup - [2019]

Individual Awards

Evin C. Varner Distinguished Service Award
Cabello, Robert G. '75 [2003]
Anderson, Stuart W. '73 [1978]

Delta Beta Xi
Anderson, Stuart W. '73 [1975]
Cabello, Robert G. '70 [1985]
Rowan, William B. '74 [1980]
Wenk, Kenneth '66 [1970]

Chapter Newsletters

Gamma Upsilon Newsletter - Fall 2016

Chapter History

Eastern Michigan University originated in 1849 and opened as Michigan State Normal School in 1953. The name was changed from "Normal School" to "College" in 1899, about the time the two oldest surviving campus buildings were built. The institution became Eastern Michigan College in 1956 and was granted University status in 1959.

Iota chapter of Alpha Gamma Upsilon was installed at Eastern Michigan State on June 6, 1948. The Chapter originated in a colonization effort inaugurated by "Sparky" Force, Alpha Gamma Upsilon's Executive Secretary, and Alpha Gamma Upsilon's National President "Scooter" Anderson. William Hemes was the Chief Undergraduate Leader. The first formal meeting of the Colony occurred on January 10, 1948. In 1952, the Chapter was able to lease a chapter house, and they operated it throughout the rest of the decade.

In 1965, pursuant to terms of the merger agreement between Alpha Gamma Upsilon and Alpha Sigma Phi, Iota of Alpha Gamma Upsilon Fraternity became Gamma Upsilon of Alpha Sigma Phi. The Gamma Upsilon Chapter was installed on September 24, 1966 by Grand Senior President Ray Glos, Illinois '22, Ralph F. Burns, Ohio Wesleyan '32, Ed Madison, Alabama '58, Gary McAnaney, Ohio Northern '58, and ASP Corporation secretary Douglas Hammial, Michigan '20. Past Alpha Gamma Upsilon President James Brown was the Toastmaster. 

In 1974, the Chapter moved to a house accommodating 12 residents at 208 Normal Avenue and in 1987, relocated to 207 Summit North. Membership difficulties at times during the Vietnam War era left the Chapter financially unstable and the alumni "burned out." A leadership crisis of brief duration led to demise of the weakened chapter. Gamma Upsilon issued a newsletter called "The Items," which replaced the Alpha Gamma Upsilon chapter newsletter, "Iota Items." The Chapter roll contained the names of 225 Alpha Sigma Phi initiates.

Alpha Sigma Phi returned to the Eastern Michigan campus in the fall of 2014. Coordinator of Expansion Connor Gau, Chico State '11, led the expansion effort which was deemed successful. On January 8, 2016, Gamma Upsilon officially re-chartered. Carlton Matthews, Murray State '10, represented Fraternity Staff. Grand Councilor Rodney Rusk, Central Michigan '93, gave the Keynote Address. David Rakecky, Eastern Michigan '14, was the Re-Founding President. 

Ken Ringwald served as an Undergraduate Advisor to the Grand Council. 

Chuck Okoye, Eastern Michigan '14, served as a Coordinator of Undergraduate Engagement starting in June of 2018. 

Robert Cabello, Eastern Michigan '70, served on the Grand Council of Alpha Sigma Phi and took a lead role in developing colonies of Alpha Sigma Phi at Illinois State and Central Michigan Universities.

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