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Answers to Frequently Asked Expansion Questions

The following are answers to some commonly asked questions about expansion and the process of starting a new chapter. If you have additional questions, feel free to send an email to

What is the process for starting a new group?
If you are interested in starting a chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi, contact Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters at to set up a time to talk with our expansion team.

The process begins by generating as much interest as you can from men who you think would be good additions to starting and building a chapter. Our staff will either schedule a conference call or video conference presentation to answer questions about Alpha Sigma Phi and give an overview of the process to all that are interested in learning more. If there remains interest, staff will visit campus to hold more informational meetings, individual meetings, meet with university staff members, and actively recruit additional members to join the new group.

Alpha Sigma Phi has a three step process for expansion:
Step #1
- Staff spends several weeks on-site recruiting founding members, providing recruitment training, a brotherhood retreat, and other opportunities for brotherhood to foster.
Step #2 - Upon completion of the Provisional Chapter Benchmarks: Provisional Chapter Installation Ceremony & Initiation Ceremony where you will become a fully initiated member of Alpha Sigma Phi and know all the secrets and rituals of the organization.
Step #3- Upon completion of the Chartering Benchmarks: Chartering Ceremony where your provisional chapter will become an official chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi. This step typically occurs 6-12 months after the Provisional Chapter Ceremony.

How long will it take before I get initiated?
Assuming the interest group meets the Provisional Chapter Benchmarks, new members of a new group should be initiated within 6 weeks of the initial expansion effort.

How long does it take to get Chartered?
Typically the entire process to Charter takes between 12-21 months though some chapters accomplish all of the Chartering benchmarks within a year.

How much does it cost?
Alpha Sigma Phi does not charge annual membership dues. In addition, new groups do not pay to attend January leadership programs (registration cost and travel provided for eight total officers) and do not pay any insurance cost for their first year. Further insurance discounts are available through our Annual Report.

The Fraternity is fortunate to have a lower four-year average of membership fees than more than 90 percent of the other national fraternities and our per-man insurance rate has dropped for 7 consecutive years because of a good health and safety record.

The total lifetime membership fees owed to start an Alpha Sigma Phi chapter is $700 (this can be paid in full or set on a monthly payment plan). Our membership fee has a Price Match Guarantee. Should someone not complete the initial scenes of initiation or become fully initiated, all but $250 is refundable.

What are the benefits of starting a new Fraternity versus joining an existing chapter?
There are benefits to both joining an existing chapter and starting a new chapter. One benefit of starting a new chapter is that you are a founding member of that group. You'll establish the traditions and policies and leave a legacy for others to follow. You'll immediately be able to have a leadership position, play on an intramural team, and shape the direction of the group for years and decades to follow. Your name will forever be on the Chartering Petition and etched in the permanent archives of the chapter.

How do I share with my parents that this is a good decision?
Many parents have falsely stereotyped fraternities because of the media's portrayal of the Greek community. To fight these stereotypes, encourage your parents to research the purpose of fraternities or to visit the campus, meet members of the brotherhood, talk to local alumni, and visit our website. It is important to understand that Alpha Sigma Phi was established to make men better as leaders and well-rounded contributors to society.

What is Alpha Sigma Phi's policy on hazing?
The Fraternity has a strict non-hazing policy. The Fraternity actively works to educate our members on what is and is not hazing, how to recognize it should it occur, and where to go for help. Click here for more information about our Health and Safety Guidelines.

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