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Frequently Asked Questions

We take our relationship with your son seriously and want to share some important information with you, as well as officially welcome you to our family. Alpha Sigma Phi aspires to be the co-curricular organization of choice for undergraduate men on your son's campus. We work to achieve this by providing opportunities for your son to grow, as well as reinforce his pursuit for academic excellence. We are glad your son decided to join thousands of other undergraduates around the world by becoming part of our organization - an organization whose purpose is to Better the Man.

You have played a critical role in your son's success up to this point and, no doubt, will continue to be an extremely influential and positive supporter of your son in college. We want parents to be informed and involved in their son's fraternity experience so we want you to ask encouraging questions, attend appropriate events on-campus, and familiarize yourself with resources available to help your son become a better man.

How is this going to impact my son's grades?
Our Position:
We believe that your son's first responsibility is to succeed academically and graduate, which is why there is a minimum grade point average to join, to hold some offices, and for a chapter to be in good standing with the international organization.
How We Help:
Each chapter has an officer who has, as their primary responsibility, to develop a comprehensive scholarship plan to assist all members of the chapter in reaching their full academic potential. For those men who succeed academically, scholarships are available and approximately $25,000 is awarded every year. All scholarship applications are due annually on April 15. Our organization is fortunate to have one of the largest unrestricted endowments among fraternities and that money is used to help support academics and leadership training, among other causes.

Are there any adults involved in the fraternity?
Our Position:
 Volunteer advisors play a significant role in the learning and development of our undergraduate members, and it is the top priority of our fraternity to ensure that appropriate mentors and advisors are available to help your son and the chapter.
How We Help:
 Each chapter has a volunteer advisor known as the Grand Chapter Advisor (GCA). This volunteer is traditionally an alumnus of the fraternity and serves as a mentor, role model, and advisor to the chapter. He attends chapter events and generally is around to help the members in the chapter be successful.There is also a team of volunteers who serve on the Chapter Council. Each member of the Chapter Council advises an officer in the chapter. In fact, there is a role on the Chapter Council for a parent. If you are interested in learning more about the Chapter Council or in volunteering for that role, please contact the Senior Director of Alumni Engagement, Danny Miller, at

How much is this going to cost?
Our Position:
 We recognize that finances are an issue for many students, which is why we strive to keep costs as low as possible while still being able to provide the support and services our members need. During a member's lifetime, he will pay a total of $650 ($744 if your son is actually starting a new chapter). For more information on those fees, please contact the chapter advisor or the undergraduate treasurer. Local dues are used for such things as: insurance, academic incentives, athletic events, leadership retreats and programming, and social events, among other things. No fraternity money is allowed to be used to purchase alcohol. As with the international dues, most chapters have payment programs in place to help the members.  
How We Help:
 For a student joining a new group, payments can be made online via Vault or by calling Fraternity Headquarters. Payments can also be mailed to Fraternity Headquarters at 710 Adams Street, Carmel, Indiana 46032-7541. We are pleased to be able to offer payment plans to assist your son with this obligation. This can be set up when he is completing his membership form otherwise known as the Biographical Data Form. Students joining a chapter will pay the chapter directly.

Are the stereotypes I've seen on TV correct?
Our Position:
 Our fraternity has a zero tolerance policy regarding hazing and other high-risk behaviors, including those involving alcohol.
How We Help:
 We educate and support our chapters on defining hazing, explaining the consequences and risks associated with hazing, along with providing financial incentives for chapters who participate in continuing education in regards to health and safety. Chapters who have policy violations are held accountable, will pay more money in insurance, and are ultimately closed if the issues persist. A copy of our Health & Safety Policy are available on the website. A hazing hotline has been established at 1-800-NOT-HAZE to allow anyone the opportunity to anonymously report hazing and/or health & safety policy violations. All reports are investigated and taken very seriously.

How do you help my son become a better man?
Our Position:
 Our purpose is simply to Better the Man.
How We Help:
 Every new Brother has the opportunity to attend the Ralph Burns Leadership Institute at no cost. The Institute is a weekend leadership retreat where your son will meet other members from across the world, learn about our values, and further develop his leadership skills. Information about all of the Fraternity's leadership programs are available here. Our organization offers a summer convention, an officer training conference in January in St. Louis, and chapter-based leadership programs delivered by professional staff or trained volunteers, all at no charge.

With all these leadership programs, it is no wonder that fraternity men graduate at a higher rate than non-fraternity men and have the skills necessary to secure key internships and jobs.

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