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Additional Information about the SIG Experience

The SIG Experience will take plance from May 30-June 5, 2015 in León, Nicaragua.

Attendees will be responsible for their travel to and from the airport. Airfare to Nicaragua is included in the program cost. While on site, we have contracted with drivers to provide transportation. Our drivers are trusted employees, and take great care and responsibility for the safety of our participants.

Participants will be required to fundraise $1850 to attend the SIG Experience which includes airfare. All lodging, ground transportation, meals, and supplies are included in the participation fee. Participants will need to bring along $10 to cover the cost of their entry visa, as well as any spending money (no more than $50).

Scholarships are available to first 25 attendees who register. To qualify for a scholarship, complete the application and send it to

Upon registration, a fraternity staff member will work directly with you to assist with fundraising efforts and provide resources. Each attendee will receive an individual and personalized fundraising webpage, so that those who wish to may donate to your efforts.

Immersion trip participants stay in housing associated with The Fuller Center. There is a guard on duty at the house 24/7, and participants are not allowed to leave the house on their own.

All meals are prepared by the kitchen staff, who has special training in sanitation for the safety of all participants. We do not eat any meals in restaurants or purchase food from street vendors, in order to cut down on the chance of illness. Clean water is always available, both in the house and at the work sites.

The date for the SIG Experience was intentionally chosen to be as non-intrusive into the academic calendar as possible. However, if an attendee is going to miss class or work as a result of the SIG Experience, Alpha Sigma Phi can provide documentation of the experience. It is highly recommended that attendees notify all instructors/supervisors as soon as possible so he/she has plenty of advanced notification. A refund will not be available for students who agree to attend and are unable to due to class or work.

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