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Fees and Deadlines

Fees and Deadlines

Individual and Chapter Fee Information

Alpha Sigma Phi is proud that our members pay less in individual member fees over a four-year period than at least 85% of other fraternities. Over the last seven years, our individual member fees have increased by less than 3% total, lower than 90% of other IFC fraternities, while fees charged to a chapter have been reduced by at least 25% during the same time period.

The following fees are for the 2017-2018 academic year. Chapter Fees are announced in June and placed on the Chapter Statement in July for the coming academic year. The membership number is based on a two-year average of the chapter's online roster as of April 15. The average number of new members is based on a two-year average of completed bio forms.* (If the chapter is at 100 men or above their Ideal Chapter Size, they will be billed for 25% of their roster size).



Chapter: $650 billed to the chapter; the chapter determines amount and payment structure billed to New Members
Provisional Chapter or Interest Group: $700 paid in full or 12 monthly payments of $62 ($744 total)

Members of a provisional chapter or interest group pay an additional $50 when they join. This additional charge is used to purchase the new group the materials and equipment needed to become a chapter of the Fraternity and perform all Ritual ceremonies. There are no other Chartering or Colonization fees for a provisional chapter or Interest Group.

There are no annual fees for individual members. The above amounts represent the total member fees a member will owe for his entire lifetime to the international fraternity.

Individual Fee Refunds

In the unlikely event that a new member decides to no longer be affiliated with the chapter or provisional chapter prior to Initiation a portion of their fees can be refunded.

Chapter: At the discretion of the chapter
Provisional Chapter or Interest Group: All but $186 (first three payments)



Annual Individual/Chapter Liability Insurance Premium: $172/per man for Chapter. Groups in their first year after starting receive a 50% discount. These amounts do not factor into annual report discounts, surcharges or the two-year membership average used to determine the amount due. Chapters and provisional chapters can earn up to 65% in discounts by scoring well on the Annual Report and/or having an active and recognized Chapter Council. Provisional chapters can earn a one-time discount of 25% for chartering within two years and having 90% of the charter members in attendance.

Summer Programming Fee (passed by undergraduate vote at National Convention)
$500 for chapters and provisional chapters (Delegate and Alternate Delegate) to offset the registration costs to attend the annual summer meeting.

Grand Chapter 2016 Fee
Cost for additional undergraduates to attend the 2016 Grand Chapter - $225/person* (if registered by December 6). Travel costs are the responsibility of the individual attending.

Housing Fee Assessment (passed by undergraduate vote at the 2010 Grand Chapter)
$15/member based on roster on April 15. 

Chapter Fee Assessment (passed by undergraduate vote at the 2006 Grand Chapter)
$10/member based on roster on April 15. 

Leadership Programming Fee (Academy of Leadership and Better Man Weekend)
$500/member plus travel costs. The registration cost is waived if the correct officers register by the December 6 registration deadline and attend the program in its entirety. Paid by chapters and provisional chapters if the correct officers do not register by the deadline or do not attend the program in its entirety. Chapters that register the correct officers by the deadline may be eligible to receive financial assistance to cover travel-related expenses. Flights are covered for all provisional chapters and interest groups.

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All chapter invoices and provisional chapter invoices (not individual member fees) are assessed a three percent late fee on any unpaid balance after the 25th of the month in which the payment is due.

In the case of a provisional chapter, any individual member is assessed a 25% late charge for any unpaid member fees that are 60 days past due (passed by an undergraduate vote at the 2006 Grand Chapter).  All members should either pay in full or get on an approved payment plan prior to participating in the Pledge Ceremony.  Any past due member debt (fees and late charges) becomes the responsibility of the provisional chapter if it is 90 days past due.

Any individual member that is on a payment plan that is cancelled, either by choice or because of insufficient funds is assessed a $25 payment plan cancellation charge.

Every chapter and provisional chapter is strongly encouraged to utilize Legacy Financial to collect membership fees. The basic service of Legacy Financial is paid by Fraternity Headquarters and that includes their collection service. Chapters and provisional chapters are encouraged to send any financially delinquent member through the collection process to recover all past due debt.

In the case that a chapter or provisional chapter closes, all unpaid fees are divided equally among all members on the roster and becomes the individual responsibility of each member (passed by an undergraduate vote at the 2012 Grand Chapter).  A third-party collection company is used to collect unpaid funds after a reasonable period of time has elapsed.

Individual members are responsible for all charges associated with the collections process.

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