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Funding Priorities

Funding Priorities

The Foundation's Funding Priorities


Alpha Sigma Phi awards three types of scholarships:

1. Leadership Program Scholarships – These scholarships allow undergraduate members to attend our award-winning programming at a reduced cost. Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate members to attend Academy of Leadership, Better Man Weekend, Burns Leadership Institute, SIG Experience and Elevate: International Leadership Conference.

2. Academic Scholarships – Scholarships are awarded to deserving undergraduate men who excel academically.

3. Needs-based Scholarships – Scholarships are awarded to deserving undergraduate men with a financial need.

Better Man Weekend and January Leadership Programs Fund 

Throughout the year, Alpha Sigma Phi provides a variety of programming for chapters, officers, and alumni to develop and expand their leadership skills. Alpha Sigma Phi is one of the few international fraternities that provides a weekend-long opportunity to train officers. Better Man Weekend provides undergraduate officers the opportunity to develop position-based skills they can use when they return to their campuses to create positive change for their chapters/provisional chapters and fraternity and sorority communities. The Better Man Weekend and January Leadership Programs Fund aims to assist these programs, facilitators, and attendees.

Burns Leadership Institute Fund 

The Ralph F. Burns New Member Program provides a positive shared experience with every new member of the Fraternity. A program with such scope and vision had never been attempted by any national fraternity or sorority. To this day, only a small handful provides a similar experience, but nothing matches the scale or number of participants our Fraternity hosts each year. The Burns Leadership Institute Fund aids in the planning and execution of our award-winning new member program. 

Chapter Endowments

Chapter endowments are supported through gifts from undergraduates, alumni, parents, family members and friends of the chapter. Through annual gifts to a chapter endowment, the funds grow and the impact on the undergraduate chapter increases. The funds are managed and invested by the Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation and serve as a permanent reserve used exclusively to benefit the chapter’s undergraduate members. Unlike gifts made directly to the chapter, gifts to the chapter endowment are tax-deductible.

The Fund for Alpha Sigma Phi

The Fund for Alpha Sigma Phi aims to help the Organization achieve its vision, mission, and purpose by providing financial resources for fundable aspects of the Fraternity experience. Last year the Foundation granted over $525,000 to help support the initiatives of the Organization.

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