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In His Own Words

 Name: Aaron Cisco
 Chapter and Initiation: Northwood '11 (Zeta Zeta)
 Hometown: Grosse Pointe Shores, Missouri
 Fraternity Involvement: Board of Advisors, Zeta Zeta Alumni Association President



The rewarding part for me is the sense of pride it brings to know that I am able to give the most valuable resource of all to an organization I truly believe in: time. If it were not for the Donors and the Foundation many of the Events and Educational Programs I was privileged enough to attend would not have existed. As a Founding Father, I understand the efforts, time, and money it takes to run just our individual Chapters. From a National perspective these variables are obviously much more costly. It is important to have Donors so our Foundation can continue to help and serve our Undergraduates (the future) in the way I was.

Name: Biff Matthews
Chapter and Initiation: Marshall '65 (Beta Delta)
Hometown: Spencer, West Virginia
Fraternity Involvement: President, Secretary Beta Delta House Corporation; President, Vice President Beta Delta Alumni Association



Three fraternity events remain at the top of my alumni experiences. The first is the chapter undergraduates rewarding me with a scarlet Alpha Sigma Phi jacket and a brick of our old house. Second, when Beta Delta earned five consecutive GSP awards. All of that culminated when I became a Delta Beta Xi recipient. As an undergraduate officer, we had limited adult mentoring. My goal was - and is - to be that adult mentor and leader. Having younger alumni tell you that you meant something to them as undergraduates is immensely rewarding. That recognition validates all alumni volunteers, making a difference in the lives of young men. To guarantee success, beyond volunteers, money is necessary for resources. Money from donations and requests are an investment in the future of the men that will become tomorrow’s leaders in every facet of life. I’ve learned in business that it is imperative, within ones means, to spend, to invest in the future. That’s why I donate.

Name: Brian Thomas
Chapter and Initiation: UC - Berkeley '06 (Nu)
Hometown: Newport Beach, California
Fraternity Involvement: National Ritual Committee, Past Zeta Lambda Grand Chapter Advisor, Nu Chapter Alumni Association Treasurer, Undergraduate Grand Councilor (2008-2010)


Brotherhood is about being there for brothers when no one else can be, or at least not in the way you can as a fellow brother. All through college I made it through by receiving and giving loans to brothers in my chapter.  Sometimes these were significant amounts of money, but we new we would pay each other back. It was that financial flexibility that helped us all succeed during the tight times we all undergo during college (even while working multiple jobs, and receiving financial aid and parent support). So anything I can do now to help undergrad brothers get more out of their college and fraternal experience by helping them financially is a rewarding feeling. I know when I give where my money is going, and I have the honor of personally knowing who is managing and investing it. That combination of knowing that my money is helping my new brothers around the country and is being managed in the most financially responsible and effective ways make it a no-brainer.

Name: Bryan Macer
Chapter and Initiation: Indiana '02 (Gamma Chi)
Hometown: South Bend, Indiana
Fraternity Involvement: Treasurer, Gamma Chi House Corporation member, Chapter Advance Facilitator, Better Man Weekend Facilitator



The challenge and fire held deep within the undergrads. Guiding each individual to figure out how they release their energy in a positive, determined and focused way for good. I typically come across two types of young men – those that are already on fire and looking for a little polish or nudge in the right direction and those that are unfortunately domicile or show lack of motivation (many of which caused by several different personal reasons). The excitement and challenge of either connection is what is rewarding to me. As a committed brother, we’ve been blessed in an elite family of gentlemen to always be bound by our collectively agreed upon values. When I get to see a brother understand what these really mean and why we believe in them so whole-heartedly, that’s the reward we gain. I have been personally given the opportunity to show my gratitude to the Fraternity through this avenue in addition to volunteering. To me, it’s necessary for alumni to be leaders in this manner, if not we’ll certainly get the money from other avenues, but why not from Alpha Sigs who directly receive the benefit from these gifts?

Name: Christopher Thompson
Chapter and Initiation: Massachusetts '11 (Gamma)
Hometown: Westfield, Massachusetts
Fraternity Involvement: Chapter Council Brotherhood Advisor, Financial Advisor, Board of Advisors



Being able to contribute back to the Fraternity is one of my greatest achievements. I believe it shows great financial and network comprehension. By donating early, the return on investment will be larger. Contributing to the Fraternity is creating an investment. It is providing the funds necessary for the professionals who run the national organization to do their due diligence for all undergraduate Brothers. The return on this investment, may not come back to me specifically, but comes back with the success of every chapter and every Brother. By starting to contribute now, I believe I will be able to see the Fraternity grow and prosper at greater levels. This only benefits every alumni, all current Brothers, and all future Brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi.

Name: David D. Kolodziej
Chapter & Initiation: Wayne State '57 (Beta Tau)
Hometown: Bingham Farms, Michigan
Positions Held: Beta Tau Chapter Council
Consecutive Giving: 19 Years

I have had the pleasure of supporting Alpha Sigma Phi since graduation, not just to give back, but as a modest tribute to my chapter's founders and the Beta Tau Brothers at Wayne State University, that have preceded me, who were responsible for creating the vision and traditions that have guided our Brotherhood for several generations. I give to support the chapter and brothers with whom I was active, for their comradeship, social and sporting energy, and our sublime banter that has greatly enriched my life. I also give towards the future leadership of the Old Gal, she is needed in this volatile world.
Causa Latet Vis Est Notissima

Name: Dean H. Haine
Chapter & Initiation: Marietta '59 (Delta)
Hometown: Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Fraternity Involvement: Delta Alumni Association President
Lifetime Giving Society: Twin Roses Society
Awards: Delta Beta Xi 2013

For many years after graduation, I didn't think much about what my fraternity experience and our brotherhood meant to me. Then I had an unexpected opportunity to see first-hand what today's Alpha Sigma Phi is all about following the 2005 Strategic Vision plan. I began reading The Tomahawk a little closer and realized the opportunities the Fraternity offers today's undergraduates is much more extensive and organized that what I remembered. Suddenly terms like to Better the Man and "We Invest in the Lives of Men" had new meaning. Subsequent reunions of Delta Chapter alumni in Marietta brought back many fond memories and renewed bonds of brotherhood. Recent exposure to the Fraternity's staff and organization has been impressive as they successfully coordinated the formation of Delta Provisional Chapter on the way to restarting this historic chapter. Learning how the foundation supports undergraduate brothers, our future alumni, I know that any gift I can give today is going to a good cause. My interpretation of the Foundation logo  "invest - give - build" sums it up; invest in these young men by giving back a little to help us all build a stronger brotherhood. I know giving now will help brothers of Delta and all other chapters for years to come.

 Name: Jeff Chandler
 Chapter and Initiation: Michigan '98 (Theta)
 Hometown: Birmingham, Michigan
 Fraternity Involvement: Theta Alumni Association Housing Chair



As an undergraduate, it’s difficult to see all the invisible hands that contribute to the success of the chapter, and the organization as a whole. As the gray hairs pop up now and again, I have come to appreciate the Foundation’s role and now realize that little gets done in life without a strong support structure. Now understanding the importance of the Foundation to the environment that I cherished, I feel a strong desire to support that structure in the same way that all those folks behind the scenes invisibly supported it when I was an undergraduate so that my experiences with Alpha Sigma Phi could be so tremendous.

Name: Jeffrey Owens
Chapter and Initiation: Illinois '87
Hometown: West Chester, Ohio
Fraternity Positions: Beta Sigma Financial Advisor, Beta Sigma Grand Chapter Advisor 



A member of the staff at Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters in the early 1990's, Jeff Owens, Illinois '87 got to experience the fraternity from both the perspective of an undergraduate and an educational leadership consultant. An initiate and graduate from the University of Illinois, Jeff continues to give back to the "Old Gal" in many ways. After his time in the Eta Chapter as an undergraduate at Illinois, Jeff was a Leadership Consultant and Director of Expansion for Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. His experiences with the Fraternity from either side gave him valuable experience that he still uses today."I received so much benefit from becoming an Alpha Sig as an undergraduate. It is my duty to return the favor so that others benefit as I did. The purpose of the Foundation to me is pretty clear; to support Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. In turn, it allows the staff and volunteers to continue to grow our organization and perpetuate the brotherhood of Alpha Sigma Phi."

Name: Jim McCornock
 Chapter and Initiation: Purdue '57 (Alpha Pi)
 Hometown: Iron River, Michigan
 Fraternity Involvement: New Member Education



My initial intent was to direct my donations to the Foundation. After the re-organization of the Alpha Pi chapter, I concluded that Alpha Pi could very well use some improved financial support. My many happy times at Purdue were instrumental in this change of direction.  I have made a financial commitment of $50,000 of which $5,000 is for the Foundation and $45,000 is for the Alpha Pi endowment. Of this, the $5,000 for the Foundation and $20,000 has already been made in cash and the remaining $25,000 will be an estate gift. I have been very impressed with the Foundation work in expanding Alpha Sigma Phi internationally and also amazed at the quick response of the Foundation in its help to restart the Alpha Pi chapter so quickly. All our Alpha Pi chapter alumni should become fully informed of this great transformation and think about assisting the Alpha Pi chapter’s continuing success with a donation to the Alpha Pi chapter endowment fund. Because of my bias for the Alpha Pi chapter’s success, I am hoping that the Alpha Pi chapter endowment fund will grow large enough to become a significant factor in providing for educational benefits to the undergraduate members in the form of scholarships and leadership, and other training programs available from the Foundation and continuing educational related improvements to the chapter house. Secondly, because of the obvious Foundation’s good works, I hope to have helped stimulate improved giving to the Foundation by my actions.

Name: Mark D. Still, Col. Ret.
Chapter and Initiation: Washington '75 (Mu)
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Fraternity Involvement: Grand Senior President, Grand Secretary, Grand Marshal, Grand Chapter Advisor, Chapter Treasurer, Chapter Social Director
Lifetime Giving Society: Ring Society
Awards: Varner Distinguished Service Award 2009, Delta Beta Xi 1987

Our brotherhood is a remarkable living, breathing force that has evolved and thrived for more than 169 years. It has been sustained by the love and devotion of tens of thousands of men from every walk of life, men like you and I, who came together for lots of different reasons but stayed together for only one. The tie that binds us all are those special experiences we shared, the trust we built in each other, and our collective belief in the purpose of Alpha Sigma Phi: to better the man. I have witnessed countless times the power of brotherhood, observing young men, boys really, grow in to high performing gentlemen who are better friends, better husbands, and better citizens because of their exposure to the values of our fraternity and its industry leading education and training programs. It is my deep and abiding belief in the power of our purpose to better the man, that led me to make a planned gift to the Alpha Sigma Phi Education Foundation. I want to be a part of the legacy that the Foundation and Fraternity are building a part of making better men and a better world. Through the Foundation's efforts we are able to deliver more effective education to more brothers, and keep alive that unbroken chain of brotherhood that winds through history back to 1845 and a young man named Louis Manigault.

Name: Michael K. Waters
Chapter & Initiation: Oregon State '73 (Psi)
Hometown: Slidell, Louisana
Positions Held: Grand Councilor, Undergrad Grand Councilor, Chapter President
Lifetime Giving Society: Badge Society
Awards: Frank F. Hargear Award 1977

Alpha Sigma Phi is recruiting better men, offering them better programs to make them even better, and is having an impact on making a better world. The fraternity's growth in both numbers and chapters is indicative of colleges and men selecting Alpha Sigma Phi because of better opportunities to influence their communities and lives. Our ability to do this comes at a cost, and it's my desire to help defray the cost to brothers and the Fraternity operations by contributing to the Foundation and my home Chapter.

There are many needs and many ways to contribute. The fraternity's large growth rate has made it difficult to afford sending every student to national leadership programs. While I support the national programs through volunteerism (facilitating annual Leadership Academy, Better Men, Burns Institute, National Leadership Conference, and Grand Chapter), my home chapter at Oregon State was re-chartered a few years ago and has unique financial needs for which I wanted to help through its endowment that needs to grow. I participate in the annual Founders Day Challenge each December that adds to the Foundation's ability to fund programs. The Capital Campaign will raise funds for the long term participation by more undergraduate brothers in the annual leadership programs mentioned above. Chapter endowments help local chapters send more students to national leadership events.

The results are immense. All you have to do is attend a chapter meeting or national event to see the tremendous caliber of our new members. They devote significant time building brotherhood through philanthropic and community service events. In addition to supporting the Alpha Sig programs, they also have a heart for participation in other IFC Greek fundraisers for other causes as well. These young men are busy!  When you meet them, you see gentlemen and scholars with life priorities and achievements that focus on making the world better. They really are the men you want to know. Contributing to the Old Gal through volunteerism and Foundation giving helps make that possible.