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Governing Documents

Governing Docs

Governing Documents of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity

The Fraternity utilizes two governing documents - the Fraternity Constitution and Bylaws and the Grand Council Policy Book. The following are the Fraternity's governing documents that establish the Vision and Purpose, as well as the End Statements and Executive Limitations for which Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity operates day-to-day.


The first constitution, which established the Alpha Chapter at Yale University, was written by Louis Manigault (the Fraternities principal founder) in 1845. The first national constitution was adopted in 1907, when Marietta and Yale came together to form the National Fraternity. Since then, the Fraternity's Constitution and Bylaws have been updated continuously. Traditionally, this happens at the Fraternity's biennial Grand Chapter.

2018 Constitution and Bylaws


The Grand Council of Alpha Sigma Phi operates under the Policy Governance Model. Policy Governance is an integrated set of concepts and principles that describes the job of any governing board. It outlines the manner in which boards can be successful in their servant-leadership role, as well as in their all-important relationship with management. Unlike most solutions to the challenge of board leadership, its approach to the design of the governance role is neither structural nor piecemeal, but is comprehensively theory based. The following manual was developed by the Board and contains the adopted policies and procedures. The manual is reviewed on a regular basis by the Grand Council.

Download the Grand Council Policy Manual


The Position Statements and Resolutions below were passed at Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity Grand Chapters over the years.

Position Statements and Resolutions

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