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Grand Council Members

    Grand Senior President

     Name: Matt Maurer
     Chapter and Initiation: Bowling Green '03
     Legacy: No
     Education: Bowling Green State University  
     Hometown: Algonquin, IL  
     Awards: 2012 Delta Beta Xi Recipient 

    Grand Junior President

     Name: Jeff Hoffman
     Chapter and Initiation: Member-At-Large '76
     Legacy: No
     Education: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
     Hometown: Jacksonville, FL  
     Awards: 1978 Frank F. Hargear Recipient, 1995 Delta Beta Xi                                         Recipient, 2016 Varner Distinguished Service Award Recipient

    Grand Marshal

     Name: Byron Hughes
     Chapter and Initiation: Salisbury '06
     Legacy: No
     Education: Salisbury University  
     Hometown: Blacksburg, VA  
     Awards: 2009 Dr. Otto L. Sonder Chapter Service Award Recipient,                               2013 Delta Beta Xi Recipient 

    Grand Treasurer

     Name: Tom Brown
     Chapter and Initiation: Indiana '75
     Legacy: No
     Education: Indiana University  
     Hometown: Carlsbad, CA  
     Awards: 1992 Delta Beta Xi Recipient 

    Grand Secretary

     Name: Dave Yonenson
     Chapter and Initiation: Maryland '99
     Legacy: No
     Education: University of Maryland
     Hometown: Olney, MD  
     Awards: 2014 Delta Beta Xi Recipient

    Grand Historian

     Name: Dan Duncan
     Chapter and Initiation: Ohio State '00
     Legacy: No
     Education:  The Ohio State University
     Hometown:  Powell, OH
     Awards: 2009 Delta Beta Xi Recipient

    Grand Councilor

     Name: Scott Grissom
     Chapter and Initiation: Oklahoma '78
     Legacy: No
     Education:  University of Oklahoma
     Hometown:  Arlington, TX
     Awards: 1996 Delta Beta Xi Recipient, 2010 Varner Distinguished                                  Service Award

    Grand Councilor

     Name: Greg Kroencke
     Chapter and Initiation: Illinois '91
     Legacy: No
     Education:  University of Illinois
     Hometown:  Houston, TX
     Awards: 2012 Delta Beta Xi Recipient

    Grand Councilor

     Name: Josh Orendi
     Chapter and Initiation: Bethany '96
     Legacy: No
     Education:  Bethany College
     Hometown:  Carmel, IN
     Awards: 2007 Delta Beta Xi Recipient, 2012 Sue Kraft Fussell                                         Distinguished Service Award Recipient

    Grand Councilor

     Name: Rodney Rusk
     Chapter and Initiation: Central Michigan '93
     Legacy: No
     Education:  Central Michigan University
     Hometown:  Mount Pleasant, MI
     Awards: 2004 Delta Beta Xi Recipient

    Undergraduate Grand Councilor

     Name: Christian Barnes
     Chapter and Initiation: Murray State '14
     Legacy: No
     Education:  Murray State University
     Hometown:  Providence, KY

    Undergraduate Grand Councilor

     Name: Tristin Sweeney
     Chapter and Initiation: NC State '15
     Legacy: No
     Education:  North Carolina State University
     Hometown:  Charlotte, NC

    Undergraduate Grand Councilor

     Name: Ryker Moore
     Chapter and Initiation: Utah State '15
     Legacy: No
     Education:  Utah State University
     Hometown:  Bountiful, UT

    General Counsel

     Name: Scott Schwartz
     Chapter and Initiation: Michigan '98
     Legacy: No
     Education:  University of Michigan
     Hometown:  Bethesda, MD

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