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Grand Council Members

    Grand Senior President

     Name: Jeff Hoffman
     School and Initiation: Member-at-Large '76
     Awards: Frank F. Hargear Award (1978), Delta Beta Xi
     (1995), Evin C. Varner Distinguished Service Award

    Grand Junior President

     Name: Greg Kroencke
     School and Initiation: Illinois '91  
     Awards: Delta Beta Xi (2012)

    Grand Marshal

     Name: Jason H. Nolen-Doerr
     School and Initiation: Murray State '05  

    Grand Treasurer

     Name: Steve Zizzo
     School and Initiation: Illinois '84  
     Awards: Evin C. Varner Distinguished Service Award
     (2018), Delta Beta Xi (2000), Frank F. Hargear Memorial Award (1987)

    Grand Secretary

     Name: David Yonenson
     School and Initiation: Maryland '99  
     Awards: Delta Beta Xi (2014)

    Grand Councilor

     Name: Tom Brown
     School and Initiation: Indiana '75
     Awards: Delta Beta Xi (1992)

    Grand Councilor

     Name: Aaron Bullock
     School and Initiation: Wake Forest '09  
     Awards: Hall of Fame Class of 2011, Frank F.
     Hargear Memorial Award (2011)

    Grand Councilor

     Name: Josh Orendi
     School and Initiation: Bethany '96
     Awards: Delta Beta Xi (2007)

    Grand Councilor

     Name: Rodney Rusk
     School and Initiation: Central Michigan '93  
     Awards: Delta Beta Xi (2004)

    Undergraduate Grand Councilor

     Name: Alec Berest
     School and Initiation: Colorado-Colorado Springs '18

    Undergraduate Grand Councilor

     Name: Kevin Finkler
     School and Initiation: Nevada-Reno '17  

   Undergraduate Grand Councilor

     Name: Brenden Noblitt
     School and Initiation: Oklahoma State '18

    Grand Historian

     Name: Dan Duncan
     School and Initiation: Ohio State '00  
     Awards: Delta Beta Xi (2009)

    General Counsel

     Name: Scott Schwartz
     School and Initiation: Michigan '98  

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