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Hargear Award

The award is given annually to an undergraduate brother in recognition of contributions exemplifying the purpose and objective of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. This award is the highest recognition an undergraduate brother can receive over and above the Undergraduate Hall of Fame. The award was established by the Grand Council in 1977.

Frank Foli Hargear, UC Berkeley '16, Delta Beta Xi '39, served on the Grand Council as Grand Secretary 1937-40, as Grand Marshal 1950-58, and was the originator of the Delta Beta Xi Award for distinguished service to the Fraternity. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in 1965. Brother Hargear entered the Omega Chapter in 1982 at the age of 84. The past year's winner is listed below followed by a complete list of past winners.

 2017 Recipient

Name: Noah Stein
Chapter Designation: Pi Chapter
College and Initiation: Colorado '13
Hometown: Glencoe, IL
Positions: Recruitment Director, President

Brother Stein is described as a reliably active and exemplary Alpha Sig, especially as his chapter’s Recruitment Director and President. He also served as President over the University of Colorado’s fully autonomous Interfraternity Council during a tumultuous period. In the words of one of his nominators, “I am consistently impressed with Noah’s ability to pull together a committee of brothers, hearing all ideas, and making sure the best ones are quickly implemented. In every role he has taken he has been a great brother and has shown outstanding leadership.”

Past Recipient List

2016: David Lorenzen, UNC - Charlotte '12
2015: Andrew Hallacy, Georgia Tech '12
2014: Daniel Ward, Fresno State '11
2013: Aaron Cisco, Northwood '11
2012: Brent Bowers, Capital '10
2011: Aaron Bullock, Wake Forest '09
2010: Brian Thomas, Berkeley '06
2009: Justin LaRoche, UNC-Charlotte '06
2008: Alexander Kefaloukos, Elmhurst '04
2007: Thomas Ritter, Stevens Tech '04
2006: Mathew Rogers, UNC-Charlotte '01
2005: Jared Linsley, Ohio State '01
2005: Christopher Musbach, Ohio Wesleyan '02
2004: Matthew Bowles, Bowling Green '01
2004: Elijah J. L. Haahr, Missouri Western '04
2003: Jeffrey Sindelar, Ohio Wesleyan '01
2002: William O'Brien, Ohio Wesleyan '99
2001: Isaac Knoot, Iowa State '00
2000: Craig Polk, Stevens Tech '99
1999: Ryan Spiegel, Maryland '98
1998: Gordy Heminger, Bowling Green '96
1997: Robert Blaisdell, Murray State '94
1996: Christopher Sieben, Virginia Tech '95
1995: Nathan Hood, Illinois '92
1994: Richard Ritter, Toledo '91
1993: Judson Althoff, IIT '91
1992: J. Warren Smith, Barton '90
1991: Edward Lenane, Plattsburgh '88
1990: John Lyon, Radford '87
1988: Craig Snyder, Penn State '85
1987: Steve Zizzo, Illinois '84
1986: Robert Shaw, American '84
1985: Geoffrey Connell, Michigan '82
1984: Richard Kahler, Radford '82
1983: Roland Spickermann, Berkeley '82
1982: Bradley Barling, Iowa State '80
1981: James Lilley, Jr., NC State '78
1980: Thomas Leuther, Missouri Valley '78
1979: J. Wesley Nobles, NC State '78
1978: Jeffrey Hoffman, Member-at-Large '76
1977: Michael Waters, Oregon State '73

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