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Carmel, Indiana Headquarters opened in 2002

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, CLVEN National House Corporation and the Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation are headquartered in the same facility in Carmel, Indiana. The facility was built with funds from alumni donors and officially opened in 2002 during the 47th Grand Chapter in Indianapolis. Today, Headquarters is home to many full-time employees and a fraternity and chapter archives display. The building is also used on occasion by chapters and provisional chapters that would like to hold a retreat or Initiation Ceremony.

Just before the facility opened its doors, an alumnus made a significant gift and requested that the building be named the Ralph F. Burns Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters. Headquarters is located at 710 Adams Street in Carmel, Indiana which is just 30 minutes north of downtown Indianapolis.

From 1996 to 2002, Headquarters was located on Guion Road in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Headquarters of Alpha Sigma Phi has also resided on Lexington Boulevard in Delaware, Ohio from 1992 to 1996; 24 West William Street, Delaware, Ohio from 1952 to 1992; on West Winter Street in Delaware, Ohio from 1949 to 1952; and at various locations in New York City from 1919 to 1949 including rooms in the law office of then Grand Junior President, Wayne M. Musgrave, Yale 1907; on Chambers Street, New York from 1910 to 1919; and in New Haven, Connecticut from 1907 to 1910.

In an effort to recruit non-profit organizations in the 1970's, the State of Indiana changed the tax code so that non-profit organizations would not have to pay tax on membership fees collected. There was a concerted effort for several decades to try to bring additional Greek organizations to Indianapolis that had no historic ties to other locations. Today, Indianapolis and the surrounding suburbs are home to 34 international and national fraternity and sorority headquarters.

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