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Illinois Endowment

Established: Unknown

Official Name: University of Illinois Chapter Endowment

Benefactor: University of Illinois (Eta)

Permanently Restricted Endowment Corpus: $79,160.80 (12/31/19)

Spendable Balance: $3,851.24 (12/31/19)



2018 Annual Statement

History of Endowment
This Endowment was established on October 17, 2007 by the Eta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi for the purpose of making grants from the Educational Fund for (a) leadership training and other educational programs for all members and pledges of the local chapter, (b) scholarships that further the educational development of the members and pledges of the local chapter, and (c) to make Qualified Housing Grants.

Criteria Restrictions
The Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation reviews each endowment fund annually and makes available a percentage of the fair market value of the Fund's assets to be distributed during the subsequent year, which is presently four and one-half percent (4.5%) of the rolling five-year average of the market value of the endowment at the end of the previous fiscal year. Every gift designated to benefit a chapter will be allocated in the following manner: 70% Temporary Chapter Fund, 20% Permanent Chapter Endowment and 10% Fund for Alpha Sigma Phi.

Endowment Restrictions
During any fiscal year, the Foundation shall not disburse for grants and scholarships an amount in excess of the Educational Fund Net Income for the fiscal year except as otherwise specified by a donor with respect to the donation by such donor and except for Qualified Housing Grants, unless the donor specifies that his donation shall not be used for Qualified Housing Grants.  For purposes of the limitation (a) distributions within sixty (60) days after the close of a fiscal year shall be treated as distribution of Fund Net Income for such prior fiscal year except as otherwise determined by the Foundation and (b) Fund Net Income that is not distributed in any fiscal year shall not be added to the principal of the Education Fund but shall be treated as Fund Net Income that is subject to distribution in subsequent fiscal years.  Educational Fund Income comprises total interest, dividends and other amounts earned with respect to the assets of the Educational Fund (excluding unrealized appreciation and capital gains) less the Fund's pro-rata share of out-of-pocket costs for investment fees and expenses.

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