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Jacob Keller



Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio

Positions Held: Recruitment Director, Treasurer, House Manager

Major: Accounting; Forensic Accounting

Legacy: No

Expected Graduation: 2014 



The Alpha Sig Experience

More time spent together creates stronger bonds and the ability to open up to inner feelings/emotions opens the door to even stronger bonds of brotherhood. This can be enhanced by improving your ability to balance Fraternity with work, school, friends, family, etc. Time management is incredibly important, as is keeping promises you have made. Staying in contact with everyone and encouraging communication among everyone helps create the necessary balance.

I am excited to implement all of my ideas and plans within the chapter in hopes that I can leave a legacy of success that will resonate with future brothers both at Otterbein and all other chapter

My Favorites

Snack: Twizzlers
TV Show: The Big Bang Theory
Clothing Store: Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity Store
Sport/Team: Soccer/Manchester United

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