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James Kepner



Why I Became an Alpha Sig

As a young man coming to college and hoping to join a fraternity for the brotherhood, service, and leadership development, I found myself disappointed by what the fraternities on my campus had (or rather didn't have) to offer. I saw an opportunity as a Founding Father to start a chapter at my school that would exemplify the true meaning of brotherhood and leave a legacy of excellence for years to come.

My Tips On:

Building Brotherhood: Participate in chapter meetings and chapter events; get involved in committees. There is a lot you can do when you consider things such as intramural teams, service projects, recruitment activities,etc.

Leaving a Legacy within the chapter: By living your life and allowing Our Values to guide your actions, you will leave a positive impact on both your chapter as well as your community as a whole. Additionally, you can leave a legacy with your chapter by running for office and fulfilling the responsibilities of that role.

My Favorites:

Snack: Oreo Cookies
TV Show: Scrubs
Clothing Store: Polo Ralph Lauren
Sport/Team: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Football!


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