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John Chaney

Name: John Chaney
Volunteer Role: Program Facilitator; Editorial Board; Former Grand Province Chief, Grand Chapter Advisor, and Housing Corporation Officer
Chapter and Initiation: Indiana '67 (Gamma Chi)
Education: Indiana University
Profession: Retired US Army and Retired Financial Planner
Hometown: Cary, North Carolina
Undergraduate Positions: Recruitment Director, Social Director, Membership Education Director, and House Manager
Community Involvement: Masons; Rotary Club; Meals on Wheels; Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Why I Volunteer
I want to give back by setting a positive example for the undergraduates.

My Favorites
Part of Volunteering: Working with undergraduates in a goal-setting, retreat style environment
Hobby: Bridge, traveling, and amateur radio
Undergraduate Experience: Being a Founding Father of Gamma Chi Chapter at Indiana University

My Advice for Interested Parents and Volunteers
Over an undergraduate's lifetime, his experiences with Alpha Sigma Phi will be more influential than those gained in any classroom. The leadership offered will be a definite game-changer in his professional life.

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