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Zeta Alpha (Seton Hall) Shovels for Elderly and Disabled

CARMEL, Indiana (January 29) - The Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity at Seton Hall University is bringing back a popular service initiated last winter: free snow shoveling for the elderly and disabled.

Alpha Sigma Phi service director Christopher Auer said that the service is available to South Orange residents. “I have been putting together a list of contacts from last year to shovel for this weekend already, but want to stress that our priority is to help the elderly and disabled. We feel they either cannot or should not be out in the cold shoveling their driveways and walkways.”

Story originally written by Mary Mann of "The Village Green"

Theta Alpha (Stirling - UK) Supports "Ride for AIDS"

CARMEL, Indiana (January 4) - In honor of World AIDS Day, our brothers at Theta Alpha (Stirling - UK) participated in "Ride For AIDS" on December 1. The goal of the event was to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS and raise money for AIDS research. The colony managed to raise £160.00 during the 24 hours, which started 12:00 a.m. on the December 1 and ended at 12:00 a.m. on December 2. 

The "Ride for AIDS" was followed up by the Founders Day dinner on December 6, as the brothers of Theta Alpha celebrated the founding of Alpha Sigma Phi.


Past GSP Sandercox Passes Into Omega Chapter

CARMEL, Indiana (December 28) - Brother Robert A. Sandercox, Bethany ’51, Delta Beta Xi ’60, passed into the Omega Chapter Sunday, December 27, 2015. Our deepest condolences go out to his wife, Nancy, and the rest of Brother Sandercox’s family, the brothers of the Beta Gamma Chapter at Bethany College, and the brothers from all over the country who were positively impacted by the service of Brother Sandercox.

“Brother Sandercox will be remembered for the impact he had on countless brothers, his leadership within the Fraternity, and his unwavering commitment to his alma mater,” said Grand Senior President, Bryan Proctor, Grand Valley ‘96.

Brother Sandercox served on the Grand Council from 1980-1988 as Grand Marshal, Grand Treasurer and Grand Senior President. He served as the Fraternity’s 29th Grand Senior President from 1986-88. In 1992, Brother Sandercox was awarded the Evin C. Varner Distinguished Service Award, the highest award an alumnus can receive.

“(Brother Sandercox was) a true gentleman and an exemplary brother of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity,” said Past Grand Senior President, Rick Dexter, Oregon State ’60. “He served with distinction during some trying times and was always in good cheer.”

All members of the Fraternity are encouraged to wear their badge on Friday, January 15, 2016 to honor the life and service of Past Grand Senior President Sandercox.

To share thoughts regarding Brother Sandercox’s impact on the Fraternity or to offer condolences to the family, please contact Ian Fraser, Assistant Director of Communications, at

Beta Theta (Rutgers) Gathers for an Alumni Weekend

CARMEL, Indiana (December 9) – On Saturday, November 14, 2015, eight alumni brothers from Beta Theta (Rutgers) gathered for their second annual reunion on the campus of Rutgers University. As they visited with current undergraduate brothers, they reflected on old times and talked over the excellent qualities of all Alpha Sigs who survive the test of time.

 Once 3 p.m. rolled around, the men headed to High Point Solutions Stadium to watch their Scarlet Knights take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Following the game, the group stayed downtown New Brunswick and continued to enjoy and reminisce on memories of days past.

Time and distance are no match for these men. The weekend was a great opportunity for the brothers to reconnect with one another and enjoy quality time with those who made an impact on their college days, career and life.

Beta Delta (Marshall) Honors "Doc" Babb

CARMEL, Indiana (November 24) – November 18 was the first anniversary of the passing of Dr. Daniel P. Babb, Marshall ’80. “Doc” Babb was a Delta Beta Xi award winner, as well as a Varner Distinguished Service Award winner. Babb played an integral role in the revival of the Beta Delta Chapter during the 70s. He continued to make his mark on the Chapter as Grand Chapter Advisor into the 2000s. Babb was so influential to the Beta Delta Chapter he was given the special title of GCA Emaritus.

To commemorate Mr. Beta Delta, current undergraduates of Beta Delta spent the entire day on November 18th in badge attire, and lowered their flags to half mast. At 6:30 p.m., the brothers of Beta Delta met at the student resource center and held a special memorial for Babb. Brothers who had close contact with “Doc" Babb and his GCA successor spoke words of admiration to remember him by.

Following the memorial, the men split into groups and wrote down who they thought "Doc" Babb was as a brother. Each group took $40 and spent the money in a way they thought Doc would have. One group helped a struggling brother who is putting himself through school while also helping support his single mother. The men gave him a dozen roses for his mother and some extra funds to help support his family. Another group knew of “Doc” Babb’s love for animals. They bought $40 worth of dog food and gave it to the local animal shelter. The third group went to the local grocery store and purchased non-perishable food items and donated them to the homeless. Group number four planned a pizza party for a local teen center, and sent holiday cards to deployed veterans. The final group provided holiday toys for unprivileged children in their area.

To end the day, the men of Beta Delta (Marshall) made a visit to the grave of Dr. Babb. They laid 14 roses on his grave for the year he died (2014) and continued to reminisce and trade stories. The night ended in prayer and in singing "For He's an Alpha Sig".

Thank you to “Doc Babb” for instilling our core values into multiple generations of Alpha Sigs, you most certainly have left a legacy. To our brothers at Beta Delta (Marshall) thank you for honoring those who have gone before you and for taking the time out of your day on November 18th to recognize a great brother.

Eta Beta (San Jose State) Charters 

CARMEL, Indiana (November 23) – Alpha Sigma Phi is one chapter stronger after the men of Eta Beta (San Jose State) received their charter on Saturday evening. The ceremony took place at the Mosaic Downtown Restaurant in San Jose, California. The Keynote Speaker was Bob Kutz, California '67, as he installed the charter. Fraternity Staff member Adam Stahon, Westminster '13, was in attendance.

Alpha Sigma Phi Partners with Aware Awake Alive

COLUMBUS, Ohio (August 1) - Columbus, OH—Alpha Sigma Phi has announced a unique partnership at Elevate - International Leadership Conference in Columbus, Ohio—with Aware Awake Alive, a national nonprofit that equips youth and their communities with the tools and confidence to prevent lives lost from alcohol poisoning. Aware Awake Alive joins the four other philanthropic partners of Alpha Sigma Phi, RAINN, Humane Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Homes for Our Troops. This partnership will provide fraternity members with the information they need to educate one another on the signs and dangers of alcohol poisoning, as well as the tools to address such incidents should they occur. Studies indicate that every 44 hours, another American college student will die of alcohol poisoning—and both organizations aim to prevent as many tragedies as possible.

Aware Awake Alive has a simple, actionable and non-judgmental message it targets to college and high school students: “Drunk or dying? You make the call.” Its social media-based awareness campaign and web-based tools found at are designed to be user-friendly for young people, and those who influence them, like parents and teachers. Anyone confronted with a friend who is visibly ill or unresponsive while intoxicated can go to on any web-enabled phone for a three-click decision tree that helps explain what alcohol poisoning looks like and what actions to take. Aware Awake Alive’s tools are in use on 59 campuses including the entire California State University System.

Aware Awake Alive’s Executive Director, Lisa Dow, noted, “We believe that partnering with Alpha Sigma Phi will yield positive outcomes as this fraternity fosters leadership and works hard to make the world a better place. Many young people don’t know their limits when it comes to alcohol use. It is of utmost important for them to be aware of the signs indicating that a friend is in danger and know that time is of the essence when they recognize that someone needs help.”

Raising Awareness, Accountability, and Funds as a college fraternity organization, Alpha Sigma Phi has the perfect opportunity to foster an open dialogue with young adults on alcohol poisoning prevention and spread the word directly to individuals who can implement Medical Amnesty law to save lives. Medical Amnesty law, also known as the 911 Lifeline and 911 Good Samaritan Law in some states, is a state-wide law which grants intoxicated minors a limited legal immunity when they seek help for themselves or another individual in need of immediate medical attention. This is directly in line with Aware Awake Alive’s mission, making it a well-matched partnership. Through chapter fundraising events, Alpha Sigma Phi will raise capital to support the Aware Awake Alive non-profit organization in hopes of creating awareness and preserving as many bright futures of tomorrow as possible.

Alpha Sigma Phi’s Director of Undergraduate Engagement, Danny Miller, commented saying, “We are excited to work with Aware Awake Alive. Our partnership will provide the men of Alpha Sigma Phi the necessary tools to help prevent lives lost from alcohol poisoning. Aware Awake Alive’s resources and support, combined with the manpower of our fraternity, can potentially change the binge drinking culture and its implications for today’s college students.”

During the 2014-2015 school year, 10 college students lost their lives to alcohol poisoning. Two of these students never made it to their first day of class. With the first few weeks of school being a particularly vulnerable time for students, especially for freshman, the announcement of the partnership comes at an important time.

About Aware Awake Alive

On December 2, 2008, following a fraternity initiation ritual where he was compelled to drink large quantities of alcohol, Carson Starkey died of acute alcohol poisoning at the age of 18. After the death of their son, the Starkey family formed Aware Awake Alive. The Austin-based, nationally-focused organization helps high school and college campuses implement the Aware Awake Alive Toolbox program across the country. The organization actively coordinates with administrators and students to help customize a unique program specific to their needs.

Learn more and get involved at

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