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Leadership Fund Endowments


Making Better Men and Better Leaders 

Endowments that Allow Men to Attend International Leadership Conferences

Leadership fund endowments have been established by donors, sometimes in honor or memory of someone, to provide scholarships for qualified undergraduate members to attend Fraternity leadership and educational programs.  Funds in these endowments are managed and invested by the Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation and serve as a permanent leadership fund.

To establish a leadership fund, $10,000 must be committed over a three-year period which will provide for one, $500 scholarship or two, $250 scholarships.  Scholarships could be for members to attend any of the following leadership programs: Academy of Leadership, Better Man Weekend, Sig Experience, Burns Leadership Institute or Elevate: International Leadership Conference.

Impact Scenarios:
1. $10,000 endowment annually yields $500 in scholarship dollars.
2. $50,000 endowment annually yields $2,500 in scholarship dollars.
3. $100,000 endowment annually yields $5,000 in scholarship dollars.

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