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Life Safety Programs

The Health and Wellness of our Undergraduate Members is a Top Priority

Fire continues to be one of the greatest risks for off-campus college residences. The safety of brothers and guests to any Alpha Sigma Phi house is of importance to everyone. The Life Safety Program was developed by the CLVEN National House Corporation to educate chapters and help correct and prevent fire and life safety problems that may arise.

The CLVEN National House Corporation identified a need to financially support Alpha Sigma Phi house corporations who want to take the extra steps to provide a safe and secure house and property for undergraduate members and guests. The result is CLVEN's Life Safety Loan. Chapters and/or House Corporations that want to install fire sprinkler systems or need to comply with college/university or city requirements can apply for a grant/loan. Additional information or questions can be directed to

Fire safety skills are not just important undergraduate skills, they are life skills that will reduce the chance of death or injury. Unfortunately, most college students do not realize how quickly a fire can grow, or even worse, how to respond when a fire does occur. Therefore, spreading the fire safety message and imparting vital life preserving skills requires a team approach.

September is Fire Safety Month. During September, CLVEN will do its part to support Fire Safety Month by providing facts, figures, and fire safety tips on the Fraternity's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Alpha Sigma Phi encourages its chapters to conduct fire drills, meet with their local fire marshals, and practice other important fire safety procedures during the month of September to recognize this month as Fire Safety Month.

CLVEN offers a number of life safety resources including resources for dealing with earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, and more in this section of the fraternity's website. Just click on the tab labeled House Corporation Resources to see a full list of available resources. The following are some additional life safety resources available online.

US Fire Administration
US Consumer Product Safety Commission
National Fire Protection Association
Center for Disease Control- Fire Deaths and Injuries
Center for Campus Fire Safety
Fire Safety and Education for College Students
Kern Group Security Solutions


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