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Mark Bundy

Name: Mark S. Bundy
Volunteer Role: Grand Chapter Advisor, Phi Chapter at Iowa State
Affiliation: Alpha Sigma Phi
Chapter and Initiation: Illinois '77 (Eta)
Education: University of Illinois
Hometown: Ankeny, Iowa
Undergraduate Positions: Unknown

Why I Chose to Volunteer
I was asked! Even though this position and the others on the Chapter Council (a board of alumni advisors chosen by the Grand Chapter Advisor) are volunteer jobs, you really need to reach out and ask someone or they may not know they have the opportunity to get involved. I was asked to lend a hand, so I took a few days to think about it and decided I wanted to do it. Volunteers can often be the most important people working for a cause.

My advice for parents who are not Greek affiliated
Well for one, to the fathers, why not consider becoming a member of Alpha Sigma Phi's a great lifetime experience and it can help you with your role as an advisor. Beyond that, it's very rewarding on a personal level and having the support of the professional staff at the national office has proven to be a great resource. If you can relate to college men and other parents, then you can do this job.

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