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Membership Costs


The Lifetime Value Significantly Outweighs the One-Time Undergraduate Fees

The financial obligations of each member enables Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity to exist and offer benefits to more than 8,000 undergraduates and 56,000 living alumni members. The following information is meant to provide you with a basic understanding of the Fraternity's membership costs. If you have additional questions, please contact Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters at


(The following fees are effective: July 1, 2018 - present)

Chapter and Provisional Chapter Individual Membership Fees:
*Determined by Local Chapter or Provisional Chapter. Any refunds are at the sole discretion of the local Chapter or Provisional Chapter.

Interest Group/Expansion Individual Membership Fees:
$750 one-time payment or 15 payments of $50 per month (includes cost of Ritual Equipment)

Founding members are given these payment options when they complete their new member biographical data form prior to participating in Scene 1 of the Initiation Ceremony. The fees noted above are paid to Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters. In addition to these one-time fees, the provisional chapter often charges a per term fee to each member.

All fees paid to Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters (not the local provisional chapter or interest group) are refundable up until the time a member participates in the Initiation Ceremony, minus $250 for new members in a Provisional Chapter. There may also be non-refundable fees for bounced checks or payment plan cancellation.

Alpha Sigma Phi is one of the few international fraternities that does not charge individual international dues annually and is proud that our four-year average of membership fees is lower than approximately 90 percent of the other international fraternities. The fees listed above are the only individual international fees a member will pay to the Fraternity in their lifetime.

Other Fees/Costs 

Chapters, not individual members, are assessed annual fees for liability insurance, Officer Training Weekends, Summer Programming Fee (Grand Chapter or Elevate), Housing Fee Assessment, and the Chapter Fee Assessment. Provisional Chapters would begin paying all fees in their first full year as a group. It should be noted that registration costs for Officer Training Weekends can be waived if the chapter meets certain requirements and each chapter and provisional chapter has an opportunity to save up to 65% on their liability insurance bill. The chapter is encouraged to budget for these fees when determining local dues.

A survey of other Fraternities indicated that more than 90 percent of Fraternities have a higher four-year average of membership fees than Alpha Sigma Phi.

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