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Membership Orientation Program

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Membership Orientation Program

Following Scene 1 of the Initiation Ceremony, the Membership Orientation Program provides new members to the fraternity with all the information they need to become dedicated, life-long, initiated members of Alpha Sigma Phi. The Membership Orientation Program is designed to be flexible to the needs of individual chapters. Chapters have the ability to design their own orientation experience within reason—to set their calendars to include the new member meetings within the designated time limit. This allows the chapter to personalize their new member experience. The Vice President of Membership Enrichment is responsible for executing this program.

There are three core components of a chapter’s membership orientation program: 

  • Alpha Sigma Phi Overview  
  • Membership Obligations  
  • Health and Safety

It is an expectation that all chapters’ membership orientation programs include content covering these three critical areas. It is additionally an expectation that new members build positive relationships with the chapter’s membership and one another through their orientation experience. Each chapter may add additional content into its membership orientation program as desired, but all membership orientation activities must be completed, and new members must be initiated, within a maximum of 35 days.

To ensure that those men participating in membership orientation have the safest and most memorable experience possible, the Fraternity has developed resources to aid in the execution of membership orientation. Below are the main resources that are used throughout the Membership Orientation Program:

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