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Gamma Kappa Chapter

Michigan State University
Founded: April 26, 1956; October 18, 1997
Status: Active
Ideal Chapter Size: 80
Conduct History: Health & Safety Violation (2019)


Chapter Awards

Alpha Kappa Pi Gold Cup - [2018]

Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup - [2017]

Individual Awards

Delta Beta Xi
Rank, Marvin C. '55 [1960]

Kleinoeder Graduate Scholar of the Year
Shonce, Stephen B. '05 [2008]

Undergraduate Hall of Fame
Reuter, Mitchell S. '13 [2016]

Chapter Newsletters

Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Chapter History

Michigan State University opened as Michigan Agricultural College in 1855. It became the land grant college for Michigan in 1862. Arts and sciences programs were added to the curriculum in the 1920's and the name was changed to Michigan State College.

Brothers from four chapters transferred to Michigan State in the spring of 1954. William Parrett, Ohio Wesleyan '51, Robert E. Allen, Wayne '48, Robert Going, IIT '52, and Carter Wallen, Connecitcut '52, were assisted in colony development by faculty members Paul Morrison, Ohio State '26, and David Heenan, Milton '42. On June 8, 1954, Michigan State College approved Alpha Sigma Phi's colonization. On April 12, 1955, Alpha Sigma Phi was admitted to the IFC. The group reached 43 members in the spring of 1955.

Beta Tau (Wayne State), Zeta (Ohio State), Theta (Michigan), Epsilon (Ohio Wesleyan) and Beta Omicron (Trine) Chapters administered the initiation Ceremony to 53 charter members, and the Chapter was installed on April 21, 1956. Marvin C. Rank, Michigan State '56, was the Founding Chapter President. The chapter house, obtained in fall 1956, was located at 420 Evergreen Street and accommodated 24 after remodeling costing $10,000. The Alpha Sigma Phi Reserve Fund and bonds from members, parents and friends covered the bill. The Chapter initiated 143 members until the time of its closing in 1966.

Epsilon Alpha Chapter, Michigan State University, 1997-2008.

In 1997, a former chapter of Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity petitioned for a charter in Alpha Sigma Phi. Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity originated in 1910 as Phi Sigma Epsilon at Kansas State University. Phi Sigma Epsilon grew and became an NIC Junior Member in 1953, and in 1965, a full NIC member fraternity. Despite growing to 60 chapters, Phi Sigma Epsilon had difficulty maintaining chapter services and effective national administration. In the 1980's, 35 chapters left Phi Sigma Epsilon and merged with Phi Sigma Kappa. Some chapters and alumni of Phi Sigma Epsilon opposed the merger, and on July 30, 1988, they organized Phi Sigma Phi. Epsilon Alpha was the first new chapter organized by Phi Sigma Phi. It was started by a transfer student from the Phi Sigma Phi Chapter at Eastern Michigan, John Taylor. Epsilon Alpha of Phi Sigma Phi operated from 1989 to 1996, and grew to an undergraduate membership of 60. Phi Sigma Phi was too small to offer competitive national fraternity services and disintegrated in the late 1990's. After a period as a colony, the group was installed as Epsilon Alpha Chapter on October 18, 1997. At the time of petitioning, the group had 45 undergraduate and 95 alumni members.

The petitioners operated a chapter house at 336 Oakhill Avenue, East Lansing, Michigan. Epsilon Alpha Chapter initiated 179 men through the 2007-08 academic year and ceased operations in 2008. Stephen B. Shonce, Michigan State '05, won a Kleinoeder Graduate Scholarship in 2008.

In April 2012, an interest group formed at Michigan State. Director of Chapter and Colony Development Matt Humberger, Bowling Green '03, visited the campus and met with all individuals in the interest group. Twenty-four men participated in the Pledge Ceremony on March 30, 2012 and were later initiated in the semester. At this time, the group at Michigan State University was reinstated with the designation: Gamma Kappa.

Gamma Kappa chartered during a ceremony on March 28, 2015. The Ceremony was held at the Michigan State Student Union in the Lake Huron Room. Scott Woodfill, Grand Valley '08, represented Fraternity Staff. Grand Councilor Bryan Proctor, Grand Valley '96, was the Keynote Speaker.  

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