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Inspire All Members to Support the Fraternity

The Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation's Mission: Grow gifts and investments to support the Fraternity’s educational and development programs.

The Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation's Purpose: To engage Alpha Sigs in opportunities to invest, give, and build in a fraternal experience to Better the Man.

This simple statement is a derivative set forth in the founding aims of the Foundation, then the Memorial Fund. As is often the case with historic organizations, the true purpose has always been there it's just been covered up by decades of new owners trying to extend the purpose to cover the needs of the day.

To engage Alpha Sigs in opportunities to give, build, and invest: An interaction founded upon our core principles remains the principal benefit of engagement in the Foundation and the one definitive element that differentiates us from those competing for our members time, talent, and treasure.

In a fraternal experience: We have all been asked the question why and for most of us it is something very hard to define. Each can define the experience differently and that is what makes it so special. How then, does the Foundation capture the essence of someone's experience and help them see the opportunity that they have to invest, give, and build in today's fraternal experience when it is likely different from their own.

To make good men better men: Give to the future of collegiate men, just like you, who are striving for greatness, looking for the next cure, the next invention, building the next skyscraper, or writing the next great piece of literature. Yes an Alpha Sig has the opportunity to support his college or university, local charity, even a foundation like one of our five philanthropic partners (RAINN, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Humane Society, Ronald McDonald House, and Homes for our Troops). He knows better than the rest and what his experience did for him how it shaped him and helped make him into the man he is today.

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