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Most Improved Chapter Award

Most Improved Chapter Award

The Alpha Sigma Phi Most Improved Chapter Award will go to the chapter who demonstrated the most improvement in points from one award period to the next as measured on the Annual Report.

2017 Recipient - Zeta Beta (Arizona State)

The Zeta Beta Chapter at Arizona State saw a marked increase in all areas of fraternity operations—most notable among these include: recruiting a whopping 48 new members in just one academic year and nearly eliminating their chapter debt.


Past Recipient List

Barton, Gamma Lambda Chapter [1968]
Bethany, Beta Gamma Chapter [1970]
Bowling Green, Gamma Zeta Chapter [2002, 1982]
Illinois Institute of Technology [2011]
Indiana, Gamma Chi Chapter [1990]
Marshall, Beta Delta Chapter [1986]
Maryland, Epsilon Delta Chapter [2013]
McDaniel, Epsilon Xi [2015]
Miami, Gamma Theta Chapter [1992, 1988]
Michigan, Theta Chapter [2010, 1984, 1978]
Missouri Valley, Alpha Omicron Chapter [1996]
Murray State, Delta Tau [1998]
Ohio Northern, Gamma Alpha Chapter [1972]
Ohio Wesleyan, Epsilon Chapter [2000]
Plattsburgh SUNY, Delta XI Chapter [2016]
Presbyterian, Alpha Psi Chapter [1996, 2014]
Purdue, Alpha Pi [2012]
Rio Grande, Delta Epsilon Chapter [1992]
RPI, Beta Psi Chapter [1980, 1974]
Stevens Tech, Alpha Tau Chapter [2004, 1978]
UC - Berkeley, Nu Chapter [2008]
UCLA, Alpha Zeta Chapter [1990]
UNC - Charlotte, Delta Zeta Chapter [2006]
Wake Forest, Beta Mu Chapter [1994]
Washington, Mu Chapter [2008, 1976, 1974, 1970]

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