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Music Library

A Tradition of Fraternity Songs

Come let's gather once again and sing a song with spirits bold and high...

Alpha Sigs have been composing songs since 1845, so today, the Fraternity's musical heritage is a rich one indeed. One of the very first publications of the Fraternity was a songbook.

Download the Fraternity's 175th Anniversary Edition Song Book

In 2010, the Fraternity had all of the music in our Ritual Book professionally recorded. Click the songs below to download them straight to your computer. We recommend using Google Chrome for best results.

In the 1920's, the Fraternity's music was professionally recorded by the University of Michigan Glee Club. The music was then put on an album (aka record) and distributed to members of the Fraternity. In the 1990's the record was saved to a cassette tape and later that decade transferred to a CD. The music from that album has been made available on the website below.

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