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Success Depends Largely on You

The successful growth and development of a chapter depends largely upon knowledgeable and efficient leadership. The officers of a chapter, whether elected or appointed, provide the majority of the leadership that a chapter needs in order to achieve its personal and fraternal dreams, ideas, goals, and ambitions.

Election or appointment to a position of leadership within the chapter carries with it many responsibilities. Along with the administrative duties that must be fulfilled, the chapter officer or director should strive to personify a constant example of what he expects from others. Members who are given this opportunity should strive to accomplish not only their own goals, but also the goals and purpose of the international fraternity and the chapter.

The administrative framework of a chapter should provide the opportunity for involvement on the part of each member. Through participation as an officer, director, or as a member, the brother can come to the realization that he is working for the good of the chapter and is more likely to support an idea or policy developed with his assistance - people support those things which they themselves help to create.

Within this section of the website, you will see a page dedicated to each officer within the Fraternity. On each page is a brief description of their position, but more importantly are the resources and tools that have been created specifically for that respective officer. If you have ideas or suggestions on how we might improve the resources and tools offered, please send your suggestions to Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters Staff at

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