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Ohio State University

Zeta Chapter

 The Ohio State University
 Founded: May 15, 1908
 Status: Active
 Ideal Chapter Size: 40

Chapter Awards

Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup - [2016, 2015]
Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup - [2017, 2014]

Individual Awards

Dr. Otto L. Sonder Chapter Advisor of the Year
Ghirardi, Gregory P. '98 [2008]

Evin V. Varner Distinguished Service Award
Burns, Bruce '63 [2013]

Distinguished Merit Award
Kasich, John R. '73 [1995]
Herbert, Paul M. 1909 [1965]
Morrill, James L. 1911 [1954]

Delta Beta Xi
Blakeslee, Harold C. '20 [1939]
Bloser, Parker Z. '24 [1940]
Bloser, Robert E. 1914 [1950]
Bougher, Earl L. '25 [1952]
Burns, W. Bruce '63 [1997]
Cesco, Randall E. '69 [1980]
Duncan II., Daniel E. '00 [2009]
Evans, D. Luther 1914 [1946]
Evans, John S. 1909 [1940]
Forward, Chauncey B. '48 [1962]
Ghirardi, Gregory '98 [2007]
Gump, Lois F. '31 [1939]
Herman, Harold A. '24 [1967]
Higgy, Robert G. '21 [1941]
Jahn, Arthur C. '27 [1968]
Leasure, David E. '65 [1984]
McLean, Charles R. '53 [1982]
Morrison, Paul J. '26 [1955]
Potts, Ned D. '28 [1940]
Roth, Richard C. '58 [1998]
Schellenger, Harold K. '23 [1952]
Schulien, Timothy '84 [2006]
Taylor, l. B., Jr. '42 [1946]
Wejman, John D. '98 [2014]

Undergraduate Scholar of the Year
Linsley, Jared E. '01 [2004]
Koch, Tad H. '62 [1963]
Johnston, Kent H. '56 [1957]

Kleinoeder Gradate Scholar of the Year
Glynn, Andrew R. '07 [2010]
Corcoran, Jeffrey R. '06 [2008]
Ghirardi, Gregory P. '98 [2005]

Frank F. Hargear Memorial Award
Linsley, Jared E. '01 [2005]


Zeta Newsletter - Fall 2016

Chapter History

The Ohio State University was founded in 1870 as a land-grant university and is currently the third largest university campus in the United States. There are indications that the Delta Chapter made efforts at installing a chapter at Ohio State University in the 1880's, without success. In 1907, however, graduate school students who were alumni of Delta Chapter were able to foster development of an interest group which grew and was chartered as Zeta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi on May 15, 1908. For years prior to World War II the chapter house was at 130 E. Woodruff Avenue. Jim Taylor was the only Alpha Sig on Ohio State's campus during World War II. He kept the chapter "open" during the war and left Zeta Chapter as one of very few that has been open continuously for over 100 years. After World War II the chapter's first house was at 2005 Summit Street. Since about 1950, Zeta's house has been at 81 Fifteenth Avenue, Columbus.

Zeta Chapter has hosted Conventions of the Fraternity in 2004, 1988, 1923, and 1911. Zeta Chapter also hosted the National Leadership Conference in 1983. Zeta Chapter won the Alpha Kappa Pi Award in 1962, the Gary Anderson Award in 2002 and 2004, the Manigault Award for Ritual Exemplification in 2008, the Chapter Newsletter Award in 1972, Summa Cum Laude Awards for 1973-74, 1963-64, 1961-62, and 1959-60, and Scholarship Improvement Awards in 1959-60, and 1952-54.

Jared Lindsay, Ohio State '01, received the 2005 Frank F. Hargear Award, and was Alpha Sigma Phi Scholar of the Year in 2004. Kent H. Johnston, Ohio State '56; Tad H. Koch, Ohio State '62, were also Alpha Sigma Phi Scholars of the Year in 1957, and 1963, respectively.  Andrew R. Glynn, Ohio State '07, and Jeffrey R. Corcoran, Ohio State '06 won Kleinoeder Graduate Scholarships in 2010 and 2008. Zeta Chapter's newsletter in recent years has been "The Zeta Phoenix"; it was previously "The Pen and Book of Zeta".

Four Zeta Initiates, Robert E. Blosser, Ohio State '14, Lewis Morrill, Ohio State '11, George W. Oakes, Ohio State '08, and D. Luther Evans, Ohio State '49, have served on the Grand Council of Alpha Sigma Phi. Hon. Paul M. Herbert, Ohio State '09, James L. Morrill, Ohio State '11, have been awarded the Distinguished Merit Award of Alpha Sigma Phi. Dan Duncan, Ohio State '00, served on the Fraternity staff from 2002 through August 2009. Twenty-three initiates of Zeta Chapter have received the Delta Beta Xi Award.

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