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Omega Chapter


Honoring Alpha Sigs Who Have Passed On

Upon death, a Brother of Alpha Sigma Phi becomes a member of the Omega Chapter and will forever be honored for his contributions to his family, his community, and this Fraternity.

The Greek Omega designation is the only Greek designation not used by the Fraternity both singularly or in combination with another Greek designation. It is reserved exclusively for the Omega Chapter.

Upon entering the Omega Chapter, a Brother's Membership Badge should be bequeathed to the National Fraternity for safekeeping in our archives. If desired by the Brother, he may also be buried wearing his Membership Badge, which is what some members have done in the past. The Badge should never be traded, sold, or auctioned on websites like eBay. Family or significant others can send deceased notices and bequeathed Membership Badges to Fraternity Headquarters at 710 Adams St., Carmel, IN 46032.

When a brother enters the Omega Chapter, it is customary that members of his chapter wear a black ribbon beneath their badge for a period of seven days. Similarly, members of all chapters are encouraged to wear such a ribbon on the death of any national officer.

The following is a list of members who are now members of the Omega Chapter. The Fraternity does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of Omega Chapter listings. Information comes from various sources and is reported to Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters for record-keeping purposes. Ongoing efforts to locate brothers without mailable addresses often reveal names of those who have entered into the Omega Chapter. If there is a mistake, please contact Alpha Sigma Phi at so that a correction can be made.

Omega Chapter List as of February 2020

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