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Support Your Son in College

The Parent Club exists as an extension of each chapter or provisional chapter. Unlike some other affiliate organizations of the Fraternity, it is not a requirement that a parent be an initiated member of the Fraternity or a member of another Greek organization. Consistent with our fraternal values and ethics, the Fraternity recognizes Parent Clubs as strategic partners and boosters of the Chapter, Chapter Council and/or the Provisional Chapter.

Parent Clubs are stand-alone organizations that may have their own constitution and by-laws. Like a Chapter Council, a Parent Club has as its official name the Greek name of its respective chapter or provisional chapter (e.g. Alpha Chapter Parent Club). As members of a Parent Club typically have a stake in the success of their undergraduate son's chapter, Parent Club membership is typically comprised of parents and family of current undergraduates from its respective Chapter.

The purpose of the Parent Club is:

  • To provide physical and monetary support for the benefit of its respective Chapter/Chapter Council or Provisional Chapter through coordination of (annual/semi-annual/quarterly) work days, social events or fundraisers.
  • Parent Clubs may find it beneficial to coordinate events, in conjunction with undergraduates, during University family weekends, Mom's Day, Dad's Day, etc.
  • Connect with other parents to enhance the collegiate and fraternal experience of the undergraduates.

The Parent Club may be composed of, but not limited to, the following members:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Members-at-Large

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