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We Would Not Have Great Members Without Great Parents

There are many ways that you as a parent or family member can get involved in your son's Fraternity experience. Many chapters have Family Day, Mom's Weekend, and Dad's Weekend events when the parents and families of all members come to the chapter house or campus for a barbecue or a similar social gathering. These events are a great way for you to meet the parents and families of other chapter members.

Alpha Sigs have the opportunity to participate in several philanthropies (fundraisers to raise money for charity) during their college experience. Many times you can attend the philanthropy to show your support. Feel free to stop by the chapter house when you are on-campus visiting your son. Sororities and fraternities become the home away from home for all of their members, and you should feel the same comfort when you come to visit.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve as an advisor for your son's chapter, please contact Fraternity Headquarters at Staff will be able to connect you to an alumni volunteer who can talk to you about the opportunities that exist at your son's chapter or provisional chapter. The Fraternity is always looking for ways parents, both moms and dads, can become more involved.


Men who are not initiated in another national social fraternity can be considered for membership in Alpha Sigma Phi. An alumnus initiate is a member who does not qualify as an undergraduate member. An alumnus may be formally initiated upon election by a chapter in good standing or at the invitation of the President & CEO or Grand Council. His contributions to the Fraternity do not have to be tangible. Many men contribute to the success and betterment of Alpha Sigma Phi by simply being involved and living up to our ideals on a day-to-day basis. An alumnus initiate has the same rights, privileges, and obligations as any alumnus of the Fraternity.

The chapter is welcome to initiate fathers, grandfathers, uncles, community leaders, local businessman, and/or neighbors, and employees of the Fraternity. All alumni initiates are required to complete the alumni biographical data form and return it with initiation fee payment to Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters two weeks before initiation.

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