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Penny Kefaloukos

Name: Penny Katsaros Kefaloukos
Volunteer Role: Parent Advisor
Education: Loyola University (Undergraduate and MBA)
Hometown: Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Profession: Retail Executive
Community Involvement: Church (Greek Orthodox) Organization

Why I Volunteer
I believe strongly in giving back to the community. Through the years, I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience in my professional and personal life. This knowledge has been a great blessing and I believe firmly in assisting others by working with young adults.

My Favorites:
Hobby: Spending time with my family.
Part of Volunteering: Working closely with the young people and giving them advice that is based on my professional experiences.
Undergraduate Experience: Occasionally cutting class to play Galaga at a Loyola Local Pub with friends.

My Advice for Interested Parents and Volunteers:
Over the past eight years, I have observed firsthand through the involvement of my two sons how getting involved in a fraternity can truly change the lives of young men in terms of leadership development and professional preparation. Due to that, I feel obligated to give back to the fraternity what I have gotten out of it;  the knowledge that my sons have the tools necessary to live successful lives and be able to provide for their future families.

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