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Provisional Chapter Benchmarks

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Establishing a New Fraternity on Campus

To ensure that our Provisional Chapters are on track to becoming a high-performing chapter, the Fraternity has established a list of five benchmarks that need to be met before the group can participate in the Provisional Chapter Ceremony. Typically within 4-5 weeks after the initial expansion effort has concluded, the Provisional Chapter would meet these benchmarks.

  • RECRUITMENT: Interest group grows by 10% prior to Provisional Chapter Ceremony.
  • BROTHERHOOD DEVELOPMENT: Interest group hosts as least one, non-alcoholic brotherhood event with at least 75% of the members in attendance. Each Sig Team hosts one brotherhood event with at least 75% of their Sig Team in attendance.
  • FINANCES: All men have paid in full or are on an approved payment plan. Group has a bank account established, has completed a webinar with OmegaFi, and all members are loaded into OmegaFi.
  • OFFICER DEVELOPMENT: President and Vice President of Growth participate in individual weekly coaching calls with the Fraternity staff liaison.

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