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The Publication Board for The Tomahawk of Alpha Sigma Phi plays an important role in keeping the oldest collegiate fraternity publication in the United States fresh and relevant for the various audiences served. Upon graduation, members of Alpha Sigma Phi will receive The Tomahawk until they pass into the Omega Chapter.

The Publication Board works closely with the Magazine's editor and the Communications staff for Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity to:

  • Ensure that the magazine maintains a high level of editorial integrity and aids in advancing the purpose of the fraternity
  • Help determine topics of interest for readers
  • Assist with identifying story opportunities
  • Assist with contacting and interviewing sources for stories
  • Assist with writing stories for inclusion in the magazine
  • Review story materials prior to publication for quality and accuracy

The Publication Board is to be comprised of no more than six members to include:

  • (1) Editor who serves as Chairman of the Publication Board
  • (1) Fraternity Communications Staff Member (staff liaison)
  • (4) Section Editors who will write and manage their respective section

Each member of the Publication Board will be considered contributing editors of The Tomahawk.

Although it is ideal to have experienced communications professionals, we need to have a cross-section of members in order to best gauge topics of interest and how to make the publication more relevant.

This is to be an active, hands-on publication board. Board members need to commit to attending semi-annual conference calls. Conference calls are to adjust the calendar based on organizational needs, determine relevant topics and stories, report on progress of story development, and finalize details for the next edition of The Tomahawk. Those serving on the Board are asked to make a two-year (four-issue) commitment.

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please send an email to expressing your interest.

For those not interested in serving on the Board, but who would like to be involved, you could always submit a story idea and write for The Tomahawk. If you have a story idea and/or are interested in being a contributing writer, email

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