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Purdue Allen Endowment

Established: December 6, 2012

Official Name: Purdue Robert A. Allen Building Endowment

Benefactor: Purdue University (Alpha Pi)

Permanently Restricted Endowment Corpus: $49,830.34 (12/31/19)

Spendable Balance: $4,967.03 (12/31/19)



2018 Annual Statement

History of Endowment
This endowment was established in memory of and to recognize the contributions of Robert A. Allen, Purdue '43 for the Alpha Pi Chapter at Purdue University to carry on his belief that a chapter with a physical structure that is maintained will enhance the educational experience of those brothers who reside in the house.

Brother Allen graduated from Hammond High School in 1942 at the age of 16 and attended Purdue University until joining the U.S. Navy at the age of 18 during World War II. Following the war, he returned to Purdue to complete his undergraduate degree. He joined Alpha Sigma Phi in 1943 and lived in the chapter's house at 218 Waldron Street in West Lafayette, Indiana. At that time, and for the succeeding twenty years, the house consisted of a converted residence and served the Alpha Pi Chapter well until Purdue acquired the entire block by eminent domain in order to build a parking garage. However, Purdue gave those fraternities who had lost their structures the first opportunity to acquire land in a newly developed area designated specifically for fraternal organizations on David Ross Road, adjacent to the Purdue golf course.

Brother Allen led the efforts of numerous Alpha Pi Alumni in a multi-year campaign to raise sufficient funds for the acquisition of the land and to build a new structure. That chapter house was dedicated in 1966. The primary objective of this endowment is to assist in the continuation of the efforts to maintain and improve the structure at 951 David Ross Road so that future brothers can experience the same educational opportunities enjoyed by those brothers who have resided in the house in the past.

Criteria Restrictions
The Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation reviews each chapter endowment fund annually and makes available a percentage of the fair market value of the Chapter Fund's assets to be distributed during the subsequent year, which is presently four and one-half percent (4.5%) of the rolling five-year average of the market value of the endowment at the end of the previous fiscal year.

Distributions will be used only for purposes consistent with the Foundation's tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as determined by the Foundation.

Distribution of funds occurs with approval of either a recognized Alumni Association, recognized Chapter Council, or Fraternity Headquarters Staff unless other arrangements have been established in the endowment agreement.

Endowment Restrictions
The Endowment's distributions shall be utilized exclusively for the following purposes:

  • To support qualifying activities within the chapter house that contribute to the upkeep and investment in technology that allows students to access University networks and online forums with the ultimate objective of allowing the members of Alpha Pi Chapter and other students utilizing such services to be on the forefront of technological advancements while attending Purdue University.
  • To support qualifying activities that promote or allow for the advancement of educational opportunities within the chapter house in a manner that allows those members of Alpha Pi Chapter and other students an opportunity to utilize the facilities in a manner that will allow them to achieve the maximum educational benefit possible through their association with Alpha Pi Chapter.
  • To allow the members of Alpha Pi Chapter and other students the ability to participate in technological or other advancements in the future that may not, at the time of creation of this Endowment, be in existence or even contemplated; but which will contribute to the educational advancement of those students.

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