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Purpose of the Grand Council


What is the Grand Council?

For more than 100 years a group of men called the Grand Council have convened to conduct the Fraternity's business in between Grand Chapter (the Fraternity's biennial business meeting). These men set the vision that will be carried out by the Fraternity's Staff, undergraduates, and volunteers.

Members of the Grand Council are volunteers with respect to their service on the board; they are not compensated for the time to prepare for or attend meetings or other official activities they perform. Undergraduate Grand Council members are reimbursed for or provided travel, meals, and lodging expenses at meetings. The term of service of undergraduate members is two years or until 120 days after graduation. Alumni members of the Grand Council are elected to four year terms and may not be elected to serve more than two consecutive terms. Vacancies on the Grand Council between Grand Chapter are filled by nomination of the Grand Senior President with approval of the Grand Council members.

Grand Council Policy Book

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